And just like that…

winter landscape

it’s winter.
Well, maybe not the real winter – at least my calendar says it’s not really winter – yet
and yet…

The holiday season is upon us;

winter leaves

holiday music and decorations, everywhere.
It always takes me by surprise – I’m never quite ready.
I am looking forward to the holidays, though, bidding adieu to 2018.

winter sunrise

And as the holidays approach, I’ve begun thinking about 2019, changes and transitions for the year ahead – planning and dreaming…

and pondering

a new journal – an art journal. When I last posted photos of my journal, I received a few comments mentioning art journals
– to which my immediate reaction was, “Oh no – no, no, no, no – this is not art. But wait – what is an art journal?”
And so, in my usual way over over-think— uh hmmmm – I mean – diligently researching that which captures my interest,
I am coming to the conclusion that this is a world I desperately want to explore.


And back to my original journal, I am gathering ideas and inspiration. With no clue how to even begin art journaling – and feeling undeterred by the simple fact that I’m not terribly artistic – I signed up for a workshop called “Dear Jane“. It feels like the ideal blend of my love for literature and my desire to learn about art journaling. I have no idea what I am doing or how I will do it, but it’s and adventure I am excited to begin.

Currently reading

Persuasion, Jane Austen – gathering a little more inspiration. Besides, it really is a page-turner.
Braving the Wilderness, Brene Brown – I highly recommend this one. It’s a fairly quick read which speaks of the importance of being your authentic self; the road to belonging begins with belonging to yourself.

But first

The holidays. I’m hosting thanksgiving – planning the menu – turkey, of course. I receive lots of help from my guests, but still find I’m in need of a little more creativity. Do you have thanksgiving favorites? Ideas for side dishes, table settings – anything – are most welcome!

I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

7 responses to “And just like that…”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    YAY!! So glad you signed up for Dear Jane. If we were skilled at the craft before we began there would be no point to embark on the journey. Once I finish my 30 Days of drawing, I am going to immerse myself back in my art journal. But during this month of drawing I have been gathering lots of ideas for it, and know I will be able to add so much more of myself to it when I return to it.
    Thanksgiving/holidays present challenges in the food department for my family. My brother is gluten-sensitive, Mallory is lactose-sensitive. But thankfully I am not hosting this year. A newish favorite of ours is flourless chocolate cake for dessert.

  2. Lissa Mayer Avatar

    Doodling (and sketching ideas for quilt blocks) is as close as I get to an art journal. Words are my thing, always have been. I’ve kept a hand-written journal for 44 years, so my feet are well and truly set on that path. I’ve seen some beautiful examples of art quilts, and look forward to seeing yours.

  3. Debbie Avatar

    you got just the right amount of snow, inspirational, pretty in pictures and no clean up required!! your journaling inspires me, i purchased 2 books, but they are gathering dust. my bad, i keep thinking, maybe after the holidays (poor excuse)!! the journal you shared is very artistic AND i was able to read just a little and became more inspired!!! as for thanksgiving, place settings are so important to me, place cards and i always use to print out a menu. the kids made fun of me but i loved all those little details. as for food, i always made all of the traditional food, the deserts were family traditions. good luck, is this the first thanksgiving for the little one?? that was probably a ridiculous question!!!

  4. Lynne Avatar

    Loving your fall/winter photo bliss . . .
    One thing about falling leaves, and snow in the mix,
    it does put one in the mood of the seasons.

    I am making a recipe that I have tasted before and enjoyed . . .
    Cranberries, apple sauce, walnuts and cherry jello . . ,
    Not a jello person but stepping out of my box and making it!

    My momma’s stuffing . . . will be mixed up and adding the fragrance to our home on Wednesday . . .
    Oh my, is it the best!

    And the other tradition is my layered salad. Sinfully delicious.
    Reminds me, I must get the bacon cooked.

    Also whipped fresh cream for Pumpkin Pie . . .

    My eating mode, easy on turkey, potatoes, gravy, . . . bring on the salads.
    Happy Thanksgiving Karen . . .

  5. Jeevan Avatar

    We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in India, but we celebrate the harvesting festival in different names thanksgiving the nature and livestock’s supporting in farming. Looks the autumn still outshine through the sunlight with snow on field. I too was thinking about doing something creative and artful to make more fun of holidays and festivals ahead of us and I hope to share it blog as well
    Cheers Karen

  6. Beatrice P. Boyd Avatar

    Belated Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family, Karen. We have been spending the hokiday visiting with family out of state and unfortunateky have no snow here, also no holiday leftovers. We all got together and ate out on the holiday, so no work for anyone. We do have a few favorites, like homemade whole cranberry and stuffing, which Grenville handles. And once were back home we will have a homemade turkey celebration with friends. We did have 2 snowfalls in NH so far this season and the leaves are snow covered still.

  7. Carola Avatar

    I followed your link to the class, it looks very intriguing and interesting. Let us know how it goes.
    The photo of the dog on the path is so delicious!

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