Baby steps and marathons

I was beginning to feel as though 2019 had gotten off to a slow start. This was to be my year of exploration – of “following my soul” – and really, what was I doing? I felt as though I was marching in place – staying with the status quo.

And then – a couple of baby steps set everything into motion. Looking into the possibility of selling our Boston-area townhouse and relocating to our Vermont home, “Away”, resulted in a quick, unexpected sale and a frenzied month of sorting, minimizing, packing, and moving.

Art Journaling

Before this all started, I was playing in my art journal. Our Wanderlust theme was “rivers.” The stones at the bottom of the river are meant to represent letting go of the things that weigh us down. I left a few stones on the river bank, knowing there were still some things that I needed to drop into my river. At the time, they felt more like boulders than stones.

And then…

snippet of retirement letter

My soul told me to drop that stone in the river and I listened.
So – yeah – this is really, real.
I am excited.
I am nervous.
I am a wee bit scared.
But most of all – I am feeling lighter than I have in months – pretty darned happy.

flower garden

So – what next?

Well – I think we may need a new name for “Away”
I have two more months of back-and-forth between Vermont and Boston, while I transition from my job to retirement.
Lots of unpacking,
Another round of minimizing…
And then –

flower garden and gnome

All those things I was neglecting before – family, photography, art, journaling, gardening, reading…

To kick-start my retirement, I registered for Summer Studio Capturing Moments – an art journaling workshop where my friend Sarah (Paisley Rain Boots) from Twisted Road Studio will be teaching.

I have a few ideas bouncing around my mind – but they can wait for now.

It’s been a long time since my last post and I can’t wait to hear what you have been up to. Do you have plans for the summer that you are looking forward to?


8 responses to “Baby steps and marathons”

  1. León Avatar

    Wow, Karen, that’s a lot! It’s no wonder you’ve been “neglecting” your blog. Congratulations on your retirement and best wishes as you sort yourself out and start down this new path. I predict you’re going to love it!

  2. Sarah Avatar


  3. Debbie Avatar

    Oooooh Karen, so many wonderful changes, I could not be more excited for you!!! New name for away will be home, and in that home, all of your dreams will come true!!!!

  4. Helen Avatar

    Congratulations on your retirement!!!!! That is wonderful, well-deserved news. I am so happy for you and Greg. I wish you both many wonderful adventures.

  5. Beatrice P Boyd Avatar

    Wow Karen, what great things have been happening. So glad I always keep checking blogs even if there haven’t been recent posts. We all have our lives to move forward with and yours has really been moving fast, so hope you will have all the time you need to unwind and relax. Congrats on the fast sale and the move to “Away” and best of all retirement which we highly recommend as the best non-job we ever had and we’ve been non-working at it for 20+ years and still having fun. Currently, we’re on a southern US road trip which started in mid-May and will end by July 1.

  6. Carola Bartz Avatar

    Karen, so wonderful to see you here again. No wonder you were “neglecting” when so much was going on in your life. It all sounds very exciting, but I can understand that you’re also nervous and even scared. It’s a mix of emotions. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    I see that you read “A way to garden”. I was pondering it. I get her newsletters which are interesting, but just not for my gardening zone. With mild winters and a complete lack of rain in the summer we just have to garden a bit differently than in the Northeast. Do you like the book? I’m curious.

  7. Lynne Avatar

    I am very excited for you and your retirement . . .
    Oh the places you will go . . .
    the things you will see and do.
    AND I love your journal art piece . . .
    Telling and Beautiful . . .

  8. Barb Avatar

    I’m way back here catching up with you, Karen. Wow! You took the plunge. Can’t wait to keep reading. Congratulations on your retirement.

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