black ice

As many of my friends on Instagram already know, my wrist had an early morning date with black ice – yeah, it didn’t go well.

And so, cue the whining about the end of my ski season, yada yada – not to mention reparative surgery which felt something like a ton of bricks being dumped on my forearm and so on…

Anyway – all grumbling aside, I have much to be grateful for:

I didn’t fall on my head – thank goodness for that!

I can still take photos one-handed with my iPhone. (Such loving care – Chessie watched over me while I napped.)

And then, speaking of loving care – I am grateful for Greg who has willingly acted as my private nurse, chef, and chauffeur.

So, honestly – my wrist hopes to never meet black ice again – but thankfully, I am on the mend and feel fortunate in so many ways.

I am joining Michelle for Thankful Thursday, and look forward to hearing what you’re feeling thankful for!

8 responses to “black ice”

  1. Lisa Gordon Avatar

    In spite of your broken wrist, this post makes me smile.
    First and foremost your wonderfully positive attitude, and second that precious, precious puppy face.
    Oh, my goodness, it melts my heart.
    Take good care of you, my friend.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    So sorry to hear about your black ice event, though it sounds like something that would happen to me. As a dog lover, I would say that Chessie looks like a fine nurse. Thank you for linking up today. Wishing you speedy healing and a GREAT weekend!

  3. Cathy Hubmann Avatar

    So sorry to here this! Hope you heal quickly!

  4. Terri Avatar

    So sorry about your accident. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Felicia Avatar

    I’m sorry you had a meeting with the black ice. Sending get well wishes. You have a cute nurse dog in Chessie there.

  6. Beatrice P. Boyd Avatar

    We’ve had quite a lot of black ice here in nashua, NH on walkways and roadways with melting and then refreezing conditions. That said, I hope you have a full recovery and get lots of reading done while you recuperate and heal. You certainly have two helpful companions.

  7. Sarah Avatar

    This post came through when we were up north, and the wifi is so slow that I couldn’t comment. I am sure that Chessie is very helpful and a great cuddle buddy. Black ice is the worst, and my worst nightmare. At least you have one good hand and arm.

  8. It\\\\\\\'s All About Purple Avatar

    oooh my dear friend, we are “falling” apart…pun intended for you!!! hehehehe

    although unfortunate, the fall gave you a great post for today (silver lining), what a beautiful image of chessie. that is one sweet face. and a husband that loves you, sometimes we need an event like this, to remind us how much. now “milk it” for all it’s worth, you deserve it!!!

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