Finding balance

The other night, I was perusing Pinterest and stumbled upon TED Talks. Have you ever done this? For just about any topic you can imagine, there are short talks available. Exhausted from work, I spent most of an evening surfing and watching. So, when I found "Five TED Talks for when you're ready to change your life", I'm thinking - Yes please! And then, "11 Best TED Talks For When You Feel Like You're Burning Out" - hey, that's me. I continued clicking. I watched a man speak about taking a year off from work, and how he realized the importance of spending time with…


In a nutshell

Christmas lights are still shining in Vermont. I'm wondering - is it a snow thing? March and April in a Nutshell.


birds, beasts, and childhood memories

Winter at Away - bird feeders return to our deck as our not-so-friendly neighborhood bear heads up the mountain for a long nap. My favorite time - Saturday mornings; with a warm mug of coffee cupped in my hands, I watch as a birdie party takes place on my deck. I think we may be feeding the entire Green Mountain National Forest. I'm okay with that. On these mornings, I am often reminded of childhood visits to my grandparents home in Arkansas. My grandpa enjoyed feeding the birds, imitating their calls for me. As I set peanuts on my deck…