“All shall be well,

"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well" - words that came to me while feeling anxious and uncertain - bringing stillness.

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I am not really a morning person - at least, I've never thought of myself as one. Quite possibly, though, my aversion had something to do with that early morning alarm. Ever since turning it off, I am finding that mornings are - well - pretty awesome. Yeah, really - who knew? Or maybe it was all the rushing around - frantically searching my closet for something to wear. The forest doesn't care what I wear on our early walk up…

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Artist date – mural walk

Beyond Walls - Lynn, Massachusetts This is a walk I've been wanting to make - camera in hand -  ever since I began noticing murals adorning the walls of downtown Lynn, Massachusetts. From the seat of my commuter train, I could view several murals, making me curious - what was this all about? I had little idea how extensive this project is. Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin... much to the resident's chagrin, the old rhyme endures. Lynn - a little…

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Stillness-Part I

I finally made it, transitioning my work over the past two months - and arriving at that uncharted territory called "retirement" "So, what are your plans?" numerous colleagues asked during my last week in the office. Me: "Ummmmm, I don't really have any" Colleagues: blank stares, apprehension Me: "Well, we moved to Vermont" Colleagues: visible relief, smiles, nods - "That's great! Vermont is so pretty!" I don't know - does moving to Vermont constitute having a plan? And, isn't the whole…

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If I were a flower

what would I choose to be? This was a recent art journaling prompt. No deep thought - no debate (should I be this flower? that flower?) - I knew the answer - I would be a daisy. Not the flashiest flower in the garden - nor my favorite. Not a choice, really, it just feels right. And as I am mindful of what feels right, I understand that, for me, the question isn't really "what flower?", but "why?" The daisy's beauty…

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The path chosen

What is it about paths that draws me in? A quick glance through my photo library reveals numerous photos of paths - some straight, some winding - I am particularly drawn to paths that disappear into the distance. The unknown, the mystery, the potential that they hold... And today, as I follow a new bend in my path - or maybe I turned at a fork, I am excited to be heading in a new direction, looking back only to reflect…

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