Camp NaNoWriMo

loon at the lake

I’ve been at summer camp – complete with cabins and cabin mates –
all virtual, of course, which apparently means no s’mores around the campfire.

The month of July has found me at Camp NaNoWriMo,
a camp for all kinds of writers – all ages, all genres.

greg in his kayak

It is a relaxed version of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which takes place in November.
In camp, campers set their own goals, and then through virtual discussions with our cabin mates and other forums, we support and encourage each other.

lowell lake

I wish I could say it’s been fun, but I’m in the “muddy middle” of my mystery and finding myself questioning just about everything – every character, every scene, every dialogue, every… everything, including whether my protagonist should be married or not. (She was when I started writing…)


Loons on Lowell Lake

Fortunately, since this camp is virtual, I get to go AWOL when I want to – which I do – a lot. Summers in Vermont are much too short to spend behind my laptop… (photos taken during an escape to Lowell Lake)

And so, my writing journey continues.

How is your summer going?


7 responses to “Camp NaNoWriMo”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    You are doing all the hard work now, even if it doesn’t seem like you are. You are laying groundwork, oh so important. And yes, summer is too short to spend it all inside. Balance is key to everything in life 🙂

    1. Karen Avatar

      Yikes! I accidentally posted before I had finished editing! (I guess that’s one way to give myself a swift kick and get ‘er done)
      Thanks for your comment – you’re right. It’s always balance, isn’t it?

  2. Susan Van Kirk Avatar

    Hi, Karen, At least you’re in the middle muddle. I’m just getting started with a new plot. Love all your photos of Vermont. It’s crazy green in Illinois because we’ve had so much rain. Good luck with your middle.

    1. Karen Avatar

      Thanks! I think I am finally working my way through and making the decisions I need to make. It’s all going to make for some interesting revisions…
      Best of luck with your new plot!

  3. Barb Avatar

    Don’t think too much, just write down the words. You can fine-tune later. Just because the month ends, doesn’t mean the writing (and revisions) need to be complete. Your images actually look like summer camp. Beautiful VT in summer!

  4. Beatrice Boyd Avatar

    I have never been to camp, actual or virtual, so can imagine this is quite the experience, Karen. Writing can be drudgery at times so it’s good to have “classmates” who can hopefully give some suggestions. Even though blog posting isn’t the same as writing a book, I often spend way too much time on a topic and get quite muddled. Good luck on your continuing journey. Those lake scenes looked lovely and relaxing. Our summer is being spent mostly at home in NH with occasional day tripping.

  5. Carola Bartz Avatar

    I completely agree with Barb’s comment – don’t think too much. There is so much time to fine tune, think about it, change it… enjoy the summer, because you know that fall and then winter will be here sooner than you think and then you have so much time to work on your novel. It’s great that you are doing this camp!

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