2021-Year of HOPE

Happy 2021!!! "Hope lies in dreams, in imagination and in the courage to make dreams into reality."

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2020 Fatigue

I have a bad case of 2020 fatigue - feeling like all roads lead into a thick fog.

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absorbed in thought; meditative - which is not the same thing as overthinking - or so I think Random thoughts - random photos Ever since my old point-and-shoot bit the dust, I've missed having a pocket sized camera in my bag - and no, my iPhone doesn't count. Worried that I didn't have a camera for our upcoming bike trip, Greg bought me a new one for my birthday :-) I've been having fun playing with it - pointing, shooting, and not…

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Vermont summertime

My little corner of Vermont is a popular, busy place in the fall and winter. Camera-clad leaf peepers swarm our area from late September through mid-October, hoping to capture the riot of colors. Winter brings a rowdier crew, as our world is blanketed in snow and winter sports lure crowds away from their city lives. And while I, too, love Vermont during these seasons, it is the summertime that I enjoy most. A time when my flower garden is a profusion…

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Finding space to slow the pace

Well - I am back from vacation, returning to what seems to be a blissfully slow week at work - thank goodness for that! Needless to say, vacation was wonderful. Greg and I spent several days in Colorado, visiting family, adding a side trip to Wyoming - just because. Words cannot express how much I absolutely love this area of our country - all those wide open spaces... and ranches... and mountains... and prairie dogs - hmmm strange little animals, those…

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