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  • Spring comes slowly

    Spring comes slowly

    Spring is slow to arrive in northern New England. Morning walks still require a warm jacket, which I find preferable to mosquitoes. As the birds return, adding their voices to the chorus, April’s brown slowly changes to May’s green, and I’m feeling the renewed energy the change of season brings.

  • Musical Memory Lane

    Musical Memory Lane

    The prompt: Tell me about a song that brings back an interesting memory from your youth. One song?!?!? Time for a trip down Musical Memory Lane…

  • Simple Pleasures

    Simple Pleasures

    Have you ever heard of Storyworth? Me neither—that is, until my daughter gifted Greg and me with a subscription. A weekly prompt for writing and photos, all printed and bound at year’s end. My first prompt—Simple Pleasures. What simple pleasures do you enjoy most?