Winter Wonderment

Winter - the hush of the first snowfall, early morning walks as the sun rises from behind the mountain, wandering on a frozen lake, and the crunch of snow beneath my boots. I'm not sure when I started loving winter.


greeting the new year

Cheers to 2019 - a year I hope will bring exploration - trying new things, exploring new options. A year for stretching my photography skills and getting messy in my art journal.


Looking forward

The beginning of December and, already, I am looking forward to 2019. Sigh - I feel as though I am wishing a whole month away - but, really, I'm not. I know all too well that this month will whiz by more quickly than I am prepared for. Winter has arrived in Vermont; smile... Time for the bears to hibernate as I happily set out my bird feeders, once again, adding a handful of peanuts for my blue jays. I was afraid it might take a few days for the birds to find us - but they visited right away,…


And just like that…

it's winter. Well, maybe not the real winter - at least my calendar says it's not really winter - yet and yet... The holiday season is upon us; holiday music and decorations, everywhere. It always takes me by surprise - I'm never quite ready. I am looking forward to the holidays, though, bidding adieu to 2018. And as the holidays approach, I've begun thinking about 2019, changes and transitions for the year ahead - planning and dreaming... and pondering a new journal - an art journal. When I last posted photos of my journal, I received a few comments mentioning art journals…


Simple Truths

"Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Confucius I can't finish what I don't start I enjoy writing posts - I do. My downfall seems to be getting started. I am always - always -  thinking of new ideas, my mind working in overdrive. But - I can't post what I don't sit down to write. Frustration is... frustrating - and exhausting Yeah... there has been a lot of this lately - the main reason I haven't made much time for blogging. What little time I have in the evenings, has been reserved for couch potatoing (pretty…