Learning to Pause

Winter is a busy time at Away - weekend guests and outdoor activities. And while my wrist continues to heal, I forgo the skiing and snowshoeing, choosing to putter indoors. I don't mind this quiet time to myself - and yet, I am ready for winter to end... January has resulted in a dearth of photos; with the exception of a few quick Instagram snaps on my iPhone, I have little to share. Itchy to keep on keeping on, I have…

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black ice

As many of my friends on Instagram already know, my wrist had an early morning date with black ice - yeah, it didn't go well. And so, cue the whining about the end of my ski season, yada yada - not to mention reparative surgery which felt something like a ton of bricks being dumped on my forearm and so on... Anyway - all grumbling aside, I have much to be grateful for: I didn't fall on my head - thank…

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Snowy Winter Walks

I love winter - strange, I know. So I am especially thankful for those beautiful winter days where I'm able to go outdoors and take a deep breath - stress melting away. Greg and I often take this walk along the West River in Vermont. The landscape, changing with every season; winter adds its own artistryBack at home, curled up with a warm cup of hibiscus tea and a worn out pooch, it feels like the perfect Saturday. I am joining…

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simple stories

It's the simple everyday things that make up our lives and these are the stories we remember.

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Scene & Story – December 2017

The last day of December, driving home from our week in Vermont -  a million things running through my mind as I prepared to return to our weekday routine. I was wondering to myself how the month had passed by so quickly, what 2018 might bring. December always feels like two separate stories, to me. The frenzied, busy time leading up to the holidays - Christmas shopping and preparation, work deadlines, travel plans, family celebrations... And then, the second story -…

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Gingham Notebook

  Long, long ago - (well, back when I was in high school) In a faraway land - (that would be Kansas - it's kind of far from Boston) I made myself a gingham notebook (I'm not sure why I made myself a notebook rather than running to the local dime store - but then, that's not really the point of the story). Anyway - this gingham notebook was my special journal - a chronicle of my teenage days - thoughts,…

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