“All shall be well,

"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well" - words that came to me while feeling anxious and uncertain - bringing stillness.

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I am not really a morning person - at least, I've never thought of myself as one. Quite possibly, though, my aversion had something to do with that early morning alarm. Ever since turning it off, I am finding that mornings are - well - pretty awesome. Yeah, really - who knew? Or maybe it was all the rushing around - frantically searching my closet for something to wear. The forest doesn't care what I wear on our early walk up…

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Artist date – mural walk

Beyond Walls - Lynn, Massachusetts This is a walk I've been wanting to make - camera in hand -  ever since I began noticing murals adorning the walls of downtown Lynn, Massachusetts. From the seat of my commuter train, I could view several murals, making me curious - what was this all about? I had little idea how extensive this project is. Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin... much to the resident's chagrin, the old rhyme endures. Lynn - a little…

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Stillness-Part I

I finally made it, transitioning my work over the past two months - and arriving at that uncharted territory called "retirement" "So, what are your plans?" numerous colleagues asked during my last week in the office. Me: "Ummmmm, I don't really have any" Colleagues: blank stares, apprehension Me: "Well, we moved to Vermont" Colleagues: visible relief, smiles, nods - "That's great! Vermont is so pretty!" I don't know - does moving to Vermont constitute having a plan? And, isn't the whole…

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Life in motion

Life - always in motion, and oh boy - rough week - enough said about that I choose joy (I tell myself - again and again) and so I do I had a great time with my camera during the month of February. My photography challenge for the month - motion. Life - it is always moving; and I quickly realized this topic is much too broad -  so many types of motion and so many ways to capture it. Greg…

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Negative space – art imitates life

Or is it the other way around - life imitating art? I spent January with my camera, learning about negative space. In the simplest terms, negative space is the area that surrounds the subject. It is sometimes called "white space", but it does not need to be white, or even, blank. When a photo has large areas of negative space, it often conveys a feeling of peacefulness or serenity, but it can also feel lonely. Since I am drawn to photos…

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