Winter Wonderment

I'm not sure when it started - my love for winter - a season that is much, much more than a season to be endured - tolerated... I remember as a child, living at the top of a "big" hill (ummmm, yeah, I grew up in Kansas...), and those glorious snow days when hoards of neighborhood kids raced to our hill, sleds in tow - the thrill of sledding right down the middle of our street (which, of course, makes me…

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"There's no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this." Running behind - again. It's not that I have been putting off writing this post, or that I didn't want to do the things I haven't been doing - I did, and I do. Someday, maybe, I will learn how to fit it all in - ummmm, maybe... Our trip to the upper peninsula was fantastic! Beautiful weather and cycling through beautiful farmland, along the shore of Lake…

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absorbed in thought; meditative - which is not the same thing as overthinking - or so I think Random thoughts - random photos Ever since my old point-and-shoot bit the dust, I've missed having a pocket sized camera in my bag - and no, my iPhone doesn't count. Worried that I didn't have a camera for our upcoming bike trip, Greg bought me a new one for my birthday :-) I've been having fun playing with it - pointing, shooting, and not…

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Learning to Pause

Winter is a busy time at Away - weekend guests and outdoor activities. And while my wrist continues to heal, I forgo the skiing and snowshoeing, choosing to putter indoors. I don't mind this quiet time to myself - and yet, I am ready for winter to end... January has resulted in a dearth of photos; with the exception of a few quick Instagram snaps on my iPhone, I have little to share. Itchy to keep on keeping on, I have…

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letting photos find me, book notes, and growing pains

Fair warning - randomness below - My exercise last week was to let photos come to me and not worry about whether they are good or not (although I may have made up that last part). Huh - isn't that what I've always done in the past and am trying not to do? Okay, in the spirit of learning, I stuck with the lesson - and it is a good thing (I think) that they don't need to be good. They're…

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simple stories

It's the simple everyday things that make up our lives and these are the stories we remember.

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