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March and April – Vermont style

As we drive to away on Friday evenings, we pass by many homes with Christmas lights still shining. We used to think the unwritten rule was that the lights come down in April. Apparently we have that wrong – maybe it’s a snow thing? I don’t mind – in this dreary time of year, the lights add cheer.

Chessie longingly gazes at the snowy landscape – wanting to romp in the snow. Me – I am pretty much done – tired of boots, hats, gloves, yaktrax – choosing to spend my spare time with a cup of tea and a good book – major couch potato.

I’m looking forward to spending some time in my flower garden – watching new shoots emerge, planting new varieties.

Greg and I finished Whole30. Towards the end, we were tired of so. many. restrictions. And while we’re glad to be done, it’s hard to argue with the results. Takeaways – limit prepared foods, processed grains and sugar. We continue to eat many of our favorite whole30 meals. I am still drinking my coffee black – and almost, almost enjoying it. These days, the only cream in my diet is the iced variety – some things are not meant to be permanently eliminated. The goal is to move forward with a somewhat healthier normal.

Work has been crazy and will be crazier, still, as May and June approach. While this is normal for this time of year, we’re also in the midst of a transition. I really, really wish I could say that I’m enjoying it, but, well… Yeah – we’ll see…

And so, all through March and April I’ve been neglecting my camera, my journal, my blog… In these harried, hurried, hectic days, it’s all a matter of finding time – as well as the desire to spend my downtime on the computer. I’m finding that the longer I’m away, the harder it is to get back on track. Maybe a weekly update.

So – that’s it for me – in a nutshell. I hope you’re doing well!

8 responses to “In a nutshell”

  1. Beatrice P. Boyd Avatar

    Yikes, Karen, white stuff in your post in Nashua, NH it’s a dreary and damp Sunday afternoon. Perhaps, the perfect weather day that sets the mood for many folks with last minute tax preps. Thankfully, ours are done and mailed off so for us it’s just a lazy indoors day and we are doing much the same as Chessie. Understandably finding time to post sometimes gets to be hard and so I too am limiting my posts and, like yourself, I prefer to spend time away from the computer as well. And, I totally agree that it’s way past time to put away all that winter gear. We will be heading to Woodstock, VT in a few weeks to celebrate (as we do annually) the anniversary of our 1st date. Just wondering if your “away” place anywhere near that area.

  2. Sarah Avatar

    So good to see you here again. I always miss you, but I get how life gets in the way, and other things take a back seat. I would agree with your findings from Whole 30, although I will do it again. Part of me misses the restrictions at times, but boy does it put a damper on your social life. I still have my chai lattes, but not nearly as regularly as before, now they are a treat.

  3. Lisa Gordon Avatar

    It is so nice to see you here, Karen!
    I DO know what you mean about this winter/lack of spring just going on and on, and…
    The snow and cold are bad enough, but there has been a terrible lack of sun here. 🙁
    Hopefully, things will change soon.
    Congratulations on finishing the Whole 30!!!
    You have a wonderful week ahead, my friend.

  4. Michelle B Avatar

    I usually try to keep a positive outlook on things, but I have to agree with you I am done with the cold and ready for more spring-like weather. We don’t even have as much snow as you. Wow. That is a lot of white for April. Great job for getting through a month of Whole 30! I bought the book, but that may be as far as I go. 🙂 I have a hard time getting back into blogging after I step away for a bit, too. But I am always glad I get back to it. Have a great week!

  5. Debbie Avatar

    i am so happy to see you today karen!! starting with snow, well it is a familiar sight here as well. i long to be in the garden as well, dirty knees, happy heart!!

    chessie’s coat is beautiful, is he longing to be outdoors in the snow!!

    christmas light’s in april??? around here, they come down by january 1st and yet i would love to see them year round!! i miss you when you are not around!!

  6. Christine Avatar

    Hey there, Karen! I thought Spring was tardy here in the UK, but Vermont wins the “We are hanging onto winter into Mid-April ” contest!
    Love Chessie looking wistfully out at the snow & then curled up & cozy on the couch! I’d be right there beside her!
    Hope you find those Spring shoots really soon!
    Best regards

  7. Jennifer Avatar

    Wow! Here in MD it seems Christmas lights were ages ago. I love that they are still about up there. We were blessed with three beautiful days before the temps dropped again here, but no white stuff for awhile so HOORAY! Hot tea and books will cure anything I swear! I can’t seem to make it past two weeks with any healthy eating program. It’s a challenge, but then I’m not good with restrictions….moderation I guess?

  8. Jeevan Avatar

    It’s wonderful to see the winter scenes extend through the western part of the world and I simply love the snow image atop and chessie’s longing to play in snow. Splendid capture on the iron bird and glad u continue to do great, enjoying the life away from here.

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