It’s a new year, and normally this is the time I am setting goals and choosing a “guiding” word. Last year I eagerly tore open my new journal, filling its pages with lofty goals – lots and lots of them. I even met some. Others, I ignored completely, or just plain forgot.

Not this year.

At the end of 2021, I reached a milestone – a stopping point to a larger goal – and when I got there, I thought, huh… Don’t get me wrong. I’m psyched, but… huh… And while I’m not sure what to make of my reaction – not yet anyway – I am thinking this year will be less about goals and destinations and more about the adventure – enjoying the ride – all the ups and downs and bumps along the way.

Instead of goals or guiding words, I’ve adopted a motto. I found it while researching French phrases for one of my more annoying characters (he’s not actually French – he just likes to think he is… aka annoying πŸ˜‚):

Mangez bien,
riez souvent,
aimez beaucoup

which translates to – Eat well, laugh often, love abundantly.
Needless to say, this phrase will not be uttered by my bothersome character. But that won’t stop me from stealing it for myself.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned (many, many times ☺️) how much I love winter – winter hiking and exploring the forest. So, the other day, resolute in my not-a-new-years-resolution to step away from my computer more often, I bundled up and headed out with Greg and Chessie to explore an old rock quarry in Dorset, Vermont. It was a relatively short hike in the snow. Not another soul in sight. Peaceful…

I even dusted off my big girl camera, although my settings were off – way off – which I didn’t discover until I got home. Yeah, I’m rusty. Grrr…

The quarry was fascinating, though – especially the graffiti which was (for the most part) surprisingly uplifting. The only f-bomb I found was followed by Covid-19, and I was so busy nodding and thinking, yup, that I forgot to feel offended (not that I actually would… but you know what I mean). πŸ˜†

Yup – it’s a good day to have a good day. And I hope you are all doing well! Updates on my mystery manuscript and all those things that make me go huh will be included in my next newsletter.

I’m curious, though. Do you set goals for yourself each year?

Until next time…

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  1. Sarah

    I think it is the balance between having SPACE (my word for the year) and goals and intentions. A hard space to find and stay in.

    1. Karen

      I definitely like the idea of space – and finding the balance. I’m looking forward to talking about this some more. I’d love some insight or ideas on how to make it all work!

  2. seabluelee

    I used to set goals every year. This year, reading over some old journals and lists, I was struck by how they were the same every year. But I also realized that, even though I still would like to _______ [fill in the blank with same ol’ same ol’ list], they are really ongoing processes rather than goals with an end point. And over time I have actually made huge changes and progress in each of those areas. I’m going to celebrate that progress by cutting myself a bit of slack. So my new goal is to get out and do some fun things this year.

    1. Karen

      That’s a great way to look at it. I suspect if I look back, I’ll see progress in areas. I like the idea of working towards something with the focus on progress rather than the destination.

  3. alakis27

    I would suggest that it was, perhaps I, who dropped the Covid F-Bomb; but we all know that it is too cold for me to be tagging rocks in Vermont. Florida is nice this time of year… πŸ™‚

    1. Karen

      Haha! I suspect the rocks were tagged in the summer. I’m glad you guys are enjoying the Florida sunshine.

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