It’s okay if it’s not all figured out

I’m a planner.
When I’m diving into something brand new, I like to figure it all out before getting my toes wet.
But – we planners also love to break plans and replan and create brand new plans.

So here I am revising, replanning and replotting my story – certain I had this figured out months ago. And I’m having a lot of fun doing it – because – plans and plots and projects are much more exciting when they’re fluid.
Or so I am discovering.

The best-laid plans…

An early morning trek to find moose. We stuck to our plans – the moose didn’t.
Disappointing – yes, but happy, too, to aim my camera at the field filled with misty morning light (where the moose were supposed to be). Maybe we’ll try again another day, another place. Maybe not.

We’re enjoying our palatial new tent – and the freedom of packing up the truck and taking off when the adventure bug bites – or planning ahead.

Hiking and exploring provides unexpected and surprising rewards.
Looking forward to a vista after the steep and sometimes strenuous climb up this mountain, we were awed to find ourselves on a mountain top blanketed in blooming mountain laurel.

Vistas are cool, too.

And… yeah, your guess is as good as mine. Vermont is nothing if not quirky.

Editing timelines and schedules have been thrown out the proverbial window. For the summer, at least. And that’s working for me right now. Revising my manuscript is exciting, once again, as new ideas and inspiration unfold – even though I may not have it all figured out.
Yet. Which is okay. Planning is half the fun.

Until next time – be well!

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8 responses to “It’s okay if it’s not all figured out”

  1. Sarah Huizenga Avatar
    Sarah Huizenga

    It is good to take a break now and again, especially in the summer. Who wants to miss this lovely outdoor season. I know I haven’t been painting as much and getting out more with my camera. It feels good.

    1. Karen Avatar

      Summer is so short and we’ve got lots of camping plans. I’m definitely trying to get out with my big-girl camera more!

  2. Barb Avatar

    Bob is a planner – me, not so much. My favorite day is an unplanned one when anything can unfold. However, it’s good to have one planner in the family – I could put things off for an eternity if he didn’t keep me on a (flexible) path. That pond with the vegetation looks like perfect moose habitat – or you could try my backyard! Actually, we aren’t seeing as many moose as usual maybe because the low snowpack this winter allowed them access to higher feeding grounds earlier. Enjoy your amazing summer landscape. It’s good to be fluid with your plans….

    1. Karen Avatar

      I’m learning that I like the unplanned things the best – most of the time. It’s hard to break that planning habit, though. The photos of your backyard are amazing. I’m not sure what I’d do if a moose happened to amble into my yard!

  3. alakis27 Avatar

    The unplanned always seems to have a way of sneaking in. Thank goodness planners are also pretty adept at reworking. Your photographs are stunning!

    1. Karen Avatar

      Thanks, Amy! Sometimes the unplanned things wind up being more fun in the end (or something to laugh about later!)

  4. Beatrice Avatar

    It wasn’t surprising that you laid your plans to watch moose, which didn’t participate. We’ve never spotted a single one despite seeing Moose Crossing signs. Guess they don’t read those signs either, Karen. Thanks for the update on your summer which seems to be going very well and nice to have a larger tent too.

  5. Carola Bartz Avatar

    I think I am a semi-planner, if you can say so.Some things just need to be planned, but I also love completely unplanned days. And as you said, there is always room to replan and change plans. Sorry about the moose – this sometimes happened to us, too, when we were planning to see moose (ha!!!), but then they turned up totally unplanned in other sites. Here’s to planning with moose! Enjoy your remaining camping trips!

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