July in Review

Whoosh! The sound of July whizzing by – phew!!


I started the month with lots and lots of writing and my single-minded determination to reach my Camp NaNoWriMo goal.
Which I did – manuscript first draft complete!
There aren’t many things that could overshadow my excitement,

Greg and Oliver

– except, perhaps, our little grandson deciding to make his somewhat hasty entrance into the world. Nearly three weeks ahead of schedule, he gave us a bit of a scare. All is well, and needless to say, we are beyond ecstatic to welcome him into our family!

While Mom and Dad were otherwise preoccupied, we spent a few fun-filled (not to mention, hectic) days with our first little cutie (aka big sister). And-

Ella sprawled on the bed

wow – there’s nothing quite like a three-year-old to keep us running in circles!

This little girl plays hard – you should have seen us!  🙂

So – writing – yes, I made my goal and am moving forward.
Round one complete, it’s now time to move on to the second of many (many, many) more rounds to come.


We can talk about that another day.

I hope you are well. Happy August!



5 responses to “July in Review”

  1. Helen Avatar

    Congrats on both the manuscript and the grandson. I tried to write a children’s book once and quickly realized how challenging it is. Keep us posted so I know when to buy your book for my library ?

  2. beatrice p boyd Avatar

    Congratulations, Karen, to your entire family on the safe arrival of your grandson and maybe you will share his name in a future post. A sweet photo you shared of he and his granddad. Also kudos to getting the first draft of your book completed, certainly a major accomplishment in the midst of childcare, which is ndeed exhausting and makes adults wonder HOW they did it with their own children. We are doing well in Nashua, but miss seeing family and friends, as do most people.

  3. Lynne Avatar

    So much to love . . .
    Three year old
    Talk about tiring
    And loving in the same breath
    And then
    New life
    Joy like no other
    And I can’t wait to hear more about, “The Writing”
    On to August . . .

  4. Barb Avatar

    Congratulations on 2 successful births! Isn’t it a relief to type “The End” even if it is only of the first draft? Your 3 year old Granddaughter is growing so fast – and now a big Sis! Has she asked about taking him back yet? The baby is adorable. Enjoy them both and the rest of your mountain summer.

  5. Carola Bartz Avatar

    How fantastic that you were able to reach your goal and finish the first draft. That is a huge accomplishment and you can rightly be very proud of yourself.
    Congrats to the birth of your grandson – children are such treasure! I can understand that his early arrival gave you a scare and I’m glad that he is doing well. Enjoy the time with your grandkids!

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