Keeping it simple

Ella on the remote control

It’s been a busy couple of weeks – and so, in the spirit of keeping on – today I am keeping it simple.

It started off with work deadlines, which went right into our annual “ski fest” and all the pandemonium that comes with 13 adults, one active toddler, and 2 dogs spending a weekend together. A quick trip to NYC to attend a workshop and then a little weekend babysitting.

Ella at the window

For my February photo challenge, I chose “motion” – knowing that I would be spending a few days with this little cutie made it an easy choice. Halfway through the month, I’m still learning and will keep it for another post. (photo credit for the above photo goes to Greg – I just love this shot)

stories with Georgie

Auntie Maggie was excited to come help with babysitting – and thinking I might capture a cozy a bedtime story scene, this little attention hound demanded to be the star of the show.

Ella on the remote control

Babysitting Ella was a joy – although I think that her animated conversation with mommy and daddy on this television remote went something like, “when are you coming to get me?”

art journal page 2019 "soul"

My art journal has not been completely neglected. While there continues to be a major disconnect between what I envision and what actually lands on my page – ummm yeah, well, it’s all about the process. I was all set to start 2019 with the word “explore”, but a simple writing exercise led me to the word “soul” – so, yes, I am going with that.

Ella with a book

And with that – I am elated to have today off. Chessie and I will be taking it easy (and doing laundry – lots of laundry…). No ponderings for today – which, as I am sure you all know, does not mean I am not pondering…

I hope you have a wonderful day! Do you choose a word to guide you through the year?


10 responses to “Keeping it simple”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Love the dog photo bomb! I can totally see our dogs doing that some day. Motion is a hard one, especially for us still shooters. But I am sure you will learn lots and thankfully share it with all of us.

  2. Barb Avatar

    No word for me, but yours is a good one! That granddaughter is very special. Enjoy – time goes by so quickly.

  3. Lynne Avatar

    Oh My . . . is your granddaughter precious.
    Love the red dress photo . . .
    Happy you are enjoying a “nothing much scheduled” Presidents Day.
    After a thirteen adults weekend . . . you need that kind of day!
    No word for the year from me, although I enjoy focusing on words others have chosen.
    Deanna, a blogger photographer I follow, has the word BOLD for her word.
    I have loved thinking about BOLD.
    Spring must be peeking out soon??

  4. Debbie Avatar

    pick a word “ONE word” you have got to be kidding, i would be on that all year long!!
    your little granddaughter could not be cuter, my great nieces use to talk into the remote also. and when they handed it to me, i spoke into it as well!! gregs picture of her is awesome, i always enjoyed those candid captures!!!
    i wanted to tell you that taking it easy does not include laundry!!!
    the art journal piece looks really beautiful, it looks just like something you would create!!

    ps…i chuckled at the title “keeping it simple”….YOU!!!

    1. Karen Lakis Avatar

      Hahaha! I know – right? It’s all relative.. I’m trying…

  5. Wisps of Words Avatar

    Lovely photos!!!!! Even with the “Little Photo Bomber”!!!! 🙂

    Hmmmm, I am wondering if I will have to add all my information, every time I comment here…..? This is my second comment, and it looks as if I am still “Unknown.” So, we will see……..

    This “being unknown” started happening in a blog, I have followed for a long time. -sigh- So I had to leave. Wondering if other carriers, and Blogger, are not playing nice together or something…..?


  6. Michelle B Avatar

    So sweet! I can remember my daughter talking into the tv remote too. 🙂 Your ski fest sounds like fun. I chose the word ‘Brave’ to guide my year. (My daughter made me a bracelet with the word on it so I would remember.) My hope is that the word Brave will urge me to step out of my comfort zone and pick the choice I can grow and learn from. We will see how it goes…

  7. Jeevan Avatar

    Ella is so adorable and no one could say no to enjoy with her. You got photos full of life and if there could be a word I chose ‘travel’ to guide throughout the life.

  8. Carola Avatar

    No, I haven’t picked a word. Your granddaughter is so cute, and I sure love the photo bomb! How cute is that! Your art journal page speaks to me – and I can see quite some negative space!

  9. Beatrice P. Boyd Avatar

    You do indeed have a very photogenic granddaughter, Karen, and candid shots are always the best and can be the easiest(?) provided, of course, that you take a lot and whenever possible. The first photo was my favorite as well. My word would be “ongoing” as it best describes many projects I hope to complete within the next couple of months. Yes, we did take a short getaway to Wilmington, VT last week and had a relaxing and “interesting” time where we stayed…details to come.

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