letting photos find me, book notes, and growing pains

Fair warning – randomness below –

My exercise last week was to let photos come to me and not worry about whether they are good or not (although I may have made up that last part).

Huh – isn’t that what I’ve always done in the past and am trying not to do? Okay, in the spirit of learning, I stuck with the lesson – and it is a good thing (I think) that they don’t need to be good. They’re not. But I did enjoy snapping whatever “came to me”. I have lots of blurry images of a puppy who won’t sit still, and birds who flew away when they saw me in the window – not to mention my dead herb garden. At least it was still. Yeah, well…

On another note, I recently finished the English Wife and The Woman in the Window – and highly recommend both. It’s rare that I “highly” recommend any book, but it seems I selected two winners in a row – I may be spoiled, now. Both books were suspenseful, I found the characters interesting, and both moved back and forth in time, offering glimpses into the past. I particularly liked the writing style of Lauren Willig – author of the English Wife, as well as the story’s historical setting.

Changing topics, yet again – my move from Blogspot to WordPress has not been without a fair amount of pain. I am struggling with my “profile”, finding I can use my WordPress profile (Open id) while commenting on some blogger blogs, and need to use my Google+ profile on others. It’s annoying and making me more than a bit crazy. If anyone with a self-hosted WordPress site knows the answer – please, please, please send me a message! In the meantime, I apologize to anyone who gets stuck with my Google+ profile because, let’s face it, Google+ can be ridiculously annoying!

That’s it for me – have a great day!


13 responses to “letting photos find me, book notes, and growing pains”

  1. Marie Avatar

    Thanks for the book recommendations! Are you doing the audiobooks on your commute? Otherwise, how do you find the time? Love your blog!

    1. Karen Lakis Avatar

      Hi Marie – I commute on the train. Books are a life saver!

  2. Christine Avatar

    Hi Karen! THat’s such a pretty mug and I am now going to HAVE to try Hibiscus tea!

  3. Eileen Avatar

    Hello, I like your mug and photos. I use blogspot so I can not help with your question. Thanks for the book recommendations, I will see if my online library carries them. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  4. Sarah Avatar

    Thank you for the book recommendations. I am always looking for good books, and also suggestions for book club. I get the puppy that doesn’t sit still, we take a lot of shots before we get the good ones. Filming seems to work better with his movements. I think I get your new WordPress profile on my blogger blog, but maybe not…

  5. It\\\\\\\'s All About Purple Avatar

    i find your images to be beautiful! i would never think to snap that old dead herb garden, i have several outside, but for me, it works. i too like that mug but i do not like mugs with wide tops. i am reticular and strange.

    i wish i was a reader, i have memory issues,,,so i am unable to remember what i have read, from one page to the next!! good luck with your blogger issues, i am not able to help!! sorry!!

  6. León Avatar

    My blog is also on WordPress. Trying to comment on BlogSpot blogs is very frustrating for me because Blogger/Blogspot (i.e., Google) and WordPress won’t play nicely with each other. In order to use my WordPress Open ID, I must first sign out of Google. I’ve never tried using my Google+ ID (though I do have one) because I never go there. By the way, I’m glad I can get your posts via email, because the RSS feed doesn’t seem to work for me.

    1. Karen Lakis Avatar

      Thanks! I wish I understood RSS better – I will try to figure it out. I really do appreciate knowing that it’s not working.

  7. Lisa Gordon Avatar

    I think these photographs are truly wonderful, Karen.
    They mean something to you, and that’s what makes them wonderful.

    About WordPress… when I had a self-hosted WP site, I created a WordPress.com account (doesn’t cost anything, and you do not have to create a website there), and I already had a Blogger account, so when I would be visiting others’ sites, I would just be logged into both accounts (wordpress.com and blogger), and I could comment without problems. I hope this helps.

  8. Beatrice P. Boyd Avatar

    Thanks also for the book recommendations. Karen. I have already put the English Wife on a hold at our local library (several folks ahead of me). I recently read about a new book, Mitford by Jessica Fellowes, niece of Julian Fellowes of Downtown Abbey fame and so that would be my return recommendation to you. While I do not have a WordPress account, I often have problems leaving comments on others folks who have one. I have also been asked for my email address on your new WP-hosted site through OpenID. I am considering setting up a Word Press account in the coming months, and may go with the “free” one similar to Blogger.. as for photos, I too have had my share of “not-so-good” ones and am now truing to sort throuigh so many taken when we lived in VA. odd thing is that they all seemed good enough to save years ago.

  9. lowcarbdiabeticJan Avatar

    Love your mug …

    All the best Jan


  10. Jeevan Avatar

    Photography makes things look better and I hope you enjoyed shooting things come your way. I am content with blogger and I have created a profile with Gravator and I use it to comment on wordpress.

  11. Nanci Avatar

    Hi Karen,
    I love your new blog; it’s beautiful…Thanks for the book recommendations. I am always looking for good books to read and to suggest to book club. Such a neat idea to let photos come to you…makes for easy shoots and some unusual shots. I hope you have a great weekend…

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