Love where you live…

Ahhh, spring has finally sprung in northern New England…

Forsythias are blooming, trees are budding, and I even went out for a walk sans jacket.

In my March newsletter, I tasked my readers with “joining” my main character’s photography club, and sending me a photo of what spring means where they live. I’m excited by the response so far—Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Ohio, Vermont… Consider this your invitation to join the fun. Subscribing to my newsletter is not required, although I’d like it if you did.

If I were talented, I’d put together a video showcasing your photos, but I’m not, so I’ll be compiling a collage to be posted in my next newsletter (and blog post). What does spring look like where you live? Send me a snapshot! My April newsletter goes out next week.

Author swag 😀

This month has been all about preparing for the mystery writers convention, Malice Domestic. I created bookmarks to take with me, and will be handing them out to anyone and everyone who’s interested (and likely some who are not).

Earlier this month, I dragged Greg to an author event at a small bookstore an hour from our home, where Flynn Berry was celebrating the paperback release of her novel, Northern Spy. And, because we live in the middle of nowhere, we’ve learned to make the most of these little jaunts with stops in real towns, to pick up necessities like, say, a vacuum cleaner. And then, dinner out puts the whole trip over the top. We stopped in White River Juction where we not only enjoyed taps and tacos, but Greg got to see trains. 😀 When coercing your spouse to accompany you to an event that’s not really “their thing,” remember to dangle a carrot.

But he wound up enjoying the author event, too. Win, win, win.

And what would a post be without a big ole pile of books? Recently read, currently reading, and to be read…

I hope this post finds you well!
What is spring to you? Hit reply or email with your snapshot!

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6 responses to “Love where you live…”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Here is my spring photo from this morning. LOL


  2. Sarah Avatar

    Guess that didn’t work. I’ll text it to you.

    1. Karen Avatar

      Got it-thanks so much!

  3. Beatrice Avatar

    Yesterday on Easter Sunday we were walking back to the mill apts after attending services at a downtown church. Suddenly, there were small hailstones, then a bit of rain and finally some snowflakes. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos as nothing stayed on the ground, except the raindrops.

  4. Bill Avatar

    You do live in a cold place though saying that we did have a cold spell a week or so ago but I managed to nurse my seedling in the house. Spring where I am well here is a bit of it I’m sure you will find more if you poke around the blog

  5. Beatrice Avatar

    Yikes, forgot to mention, Karen, that we have been to White River Junction, VT, a couple of times in recent years. And we have taken photos at that train display as well. I would have included a photo of non-spring time here in Nashua, NH, but did not know how to do so.

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