March dreaming…

We’re well into March – already… And while March is usually my LEAST favorite month of the year – this year, I was quite happy to kick February to the curb.

Perusing my Lightroom catalogs, I found this scene from the end of December. Something about it was calling to me – I now understand why. A self-portrait:

Broken down – stuck in a rut

Cue the tiny violins. In all fairness, though, February wasn’t really a bad month. We held our annual family “ski fest” which is completely chaotic and fun at the same time. Skiing wasn’t in the cards for me, this year – giving me plenty of time to share with these two little cuties – both sitting up, now. They will be headed to the slopes with us before we know it!

And, as March comes marching in – I have been struggling with photography, writing, posting – pretty much anything requiring creative energy. This will be a month of transition for me; significant changes at work, occupational therapy for my wrist (yay!), and hopefully more outdoor time. So far, March has been full of snow and ice – outdoor time on hold, for now…

Greg and I started Whole30 on March 1 – wondering if we can take control over any of those wonderful age-related maladies that seem to be creeping into our lives. We are on day 11, which means we’ve made it through “the hangover”, “kill all the things”, “I just want a nap” (I didn’t even notice that one. I always want a nap…), “Nooooo! my pants are TIGHTER”, and now we are on “The hardest days”  – yep, that seems about right. Fortunately, my pants are NOT tighter, and Greg jumped on the scale (a no-no) and is feeling a bit pleased with himself. So – what has been the hardest for me? – No cream in my coffee – and, no, coconut cream is not in any way a suitable replacement. I am hoping I learn to like black coffee – yeah, I’m not there. yet. Apparently, our next phase is “I dream of… junk food?” I am guessing I won’t notice this stage, either – “m&m’s please” is pretty much my regular mantra.

And so – here is hoping that I dig my way out of my rut – very soon! Are you dreaming of warmer days as I am?

Dreaming of March? My least favorite month of the year? Kicking February to the curb - and a "self-portrait" - cue the tiny violins!

10 responses to “March dreaming…”

  1. Debbie Avatar

    i am dreaming of warmer days, longer days and more sunshine in my life…

    i adore your rut image, perhaps someone stole your mojo and you just need to steal it back!!!

    the little ones are quite adorable, that’s a great picture of them together. i hope therapy goes well, been there, done that, didn’t like it!!!

  2. Nanci Avatar

    I think what all of us are experiencing is the “end of winter but it’s not spring yet” syndrome. I am so ready for some warmer weather and more flower buds showing their faces… And guess what? They are saying we are going to get three inches of snow tomorrow, so unlike our normal weather…so no spring weather for me this week. You haven’t lost your sense of humor with this weather… the old truck picture…And those babies…so sweet and precious.. Proud of you for the Whole30…you are a brave soul but what results you are going to enjoy….Have a great week..

  3. Carola Bartz Avatar

    Black coffee? Gosh no!!! Those days are long over for me. Cream please (or just milk is fine, too). But still, keep up with Whole 30. I’ve never done it, and probably never will, but I applaud everyone who does and sticks to it.
    I hope your wrist heals quickly – I just thought what I would do with a broken wrist. I probably would go nuts, not being able to knit, argh!!!

  4. Sarah Avatar

    February started out snowy for us, but after that it was pretty good. But boy oh boy, am I ready for warmer weather. Not hot mind you, but 50’s and 60’s would be lovely. Before bugs and snakes. Thankfully, since I started drinking coffee it has always been black, I don’t dare go down the creamer route. Big changes at work? I dreamed of eating a pizza once with bacon on it, and the only thing I was worried about was eating real bacon, never mind the gluten and the cheese. I missed crispy things like crusty bread and chips. I was never that tired on it, like you if I sit down or lay down a nap in great any time.

  5. Michelle B Avatar

    We have had a lot of rain lately. Flooding rain. It seemed weird to hear thunderstorms in February. Our house isn’t anywhere near a river, but we did have a sump-pump scare. Luckily we didn’t need it, it just didn’t turn on. The next day we put a new one in. Lucky again I have a handy husband. 🙂 Creative ruts can happen, just don’t give up on your creativity. It is still there. Sometimes just going through the motions of taking a picture, even when I don’t really feel like it, will get me seeing creatively again and I will be enjoying myself before I know it. The Whole30 diet sounds scary, but I would go in with one advantage, I drink my coffee black. Your grandbabies are adorable. I bet you did have fun with them. Have a great week!

  6. Cathy Hubmann Avatar

    I was ready to get rid of February, too! I’m looking forward to more sunshine and blue skies! Oh, those grandbabies are precious! I miss having little ones around.

  7. Lisa Gordon Avatar

    I am indeed dreaming of warmer days, Karen, but it looks like I am going to be dreaming for quite some time to come.
    We are only about halfway through March, but this will definitely be a month I want to kick to the curb. So. Much. Snow. I swear I don’t think it will ever melt!

    No Whole 30 for me, BUT I did give up chocolate for Lent. Trust me, I am counting the days, and planning the binge!! 🙂

    Your grandchildren are absolutely precious!

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!

  8. Jeevan Avatar

    It’s already hot here in India and this year is expected to be hotter than latter. There’s nothing like spending time with kids and each moment will leave you with cherish. Lovely capture on the truck and babies… hope you could manage with age related matters. And have a nice month

  9. Beatrice P. Boyd Avatar

    Certainly understand the comment of being in a rut as I am going through a similar pattern. Winter has been ongoing here in Nashua, NH with 2 back-to-back snowstorms followed by cold and windy days. Lately, I have starting keeping a small notebook with ideas for a new blog and to “retire” the Frog & PenguINN as we no longer own the home behind the name. I’ve tossing around countless ideas of a blog name, focus, etc. and it’s definitely a WIP now. I had to check online about the Whole30 plan after reading your post and wish you success. Black coffee is something I could never handle, so I would have to give up coffee if following that plan. The little ones looked very cute together and thanks for sharing.

  10. suresh lukhi Avatar

    hey dear…
    I’m so happy because your post are so wonderful and really helpful for me.thanks dear..

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