Mea Culpa

I should have known—really, I should have.

I should have known my blog would send my subscribers random emails filled with gibberish, because… you know…


I am so sorry my blog spammed your inbox! Mea Culpa.

Many thanks to those who alerted me to the issue. And since I never figured out what the problem was—and the myriad useless Google search results only made matters worse—in a fit of frustration, I deleted my old email service, subscribers and all. No service, no subscribers, no spammy emails—right? Problem solved… Except… Umm…


I’ve installed a new email service, and transferred most of my subscribers. I think (I hope) I’m up and running! 😀

Thank you all for your patience!!

One response to “Mea Culpa”

  1. Beatrice Avatar

    Hi Karen, so glad I checked in today and found this post and I will bookmark your website. Thankfully, I did not get spammed and perhaps it was because I had not subscribed to your emails. Glad the issue will be resolved and hope all is going well, otherwise.

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