Morning walks – Boston Public Garden

Public Garden tulips

Whew – I am so thankful to have made it through last week. It was one of those crazy, busy put-your-head-down-and-get-it-done kind of weeks. This is the norm for this time of year – I always know it’s coming – and yet… and yet..

One morning, as my commuter train pulled into Boston, I pondered – “hmmm, which subway line do I want to take to my office, this morning? orange or green?…” and then came to the conclusion – “NONE – I am NOT getting on the subway, this morning. I can’t, I just can’t.” (Except it wasn’t nearly as desperate as I am making it sound). And that was one of my all time best decisions.

I walked the three miles to my office –

swan boats

– which took me through the Boston Public Garden – past the the Swan Boats waiting, ready for the tourists that would undoubtedly come an go on this beautiful spring day – past the tulip gardens in full bloom.

Boston Back Bay

– through the Back Bay neighborhood and Copley Square, where old meets new and the city comes alive with the start of a new work day.

I arrived at my office – amazingly, not much later than usual – clear-headed and ready to start my day.

So – as I dashed off one last report on Friday afternoon, receiving the much hoped for email “looks good” – my response back – “awesome – I’ve got to run” and that is just what I did – getting the heck out of Dodge – escaping the hustle and bustle – heading to Away

Vermont moon

– where a long, stressful week came to a beautiful end. Got to love it when that happens.

So, yeah – only two, maybe three more weeks of put-your-head-down-and-get-it-done-maybe-I-should-just-bring-a-sleeping-bag-to-the-office kind of work ahead, and then… and then… deep breath. It’s good to have something to look forward to!

Sadly, as I uploaded these photos to my computer, I came to the realization that it is time to retire my once trusty point-and-shoot. I keep it tucked in my bag – always, finding my big girl camera too heavy to carry to work everyday. Sigh.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

8 responses to “Morning walks – Boston Public Garden”

  1. Debbie Avatar

    i’m so glad you walked…it’s good for the soul and clearly, you needed it!! the pictures are beautiful, really beautiful!!!

    kelly moore makes a great camera bag, purse combination!!!

  2. Lynne Avatar

    Loved the pics . . .
    I think I like “white blossoms blossoming” the very best . . .
    How wonderful you took the three mile walk . . .
    Great way to “meet the day!”
    Hope the next three weeks go okay . . .

  3. Beatrice P. Boyd Avatar

    How nice to see the Boston Public Garden and the swan boats at rest because only a couple of weeks ago we walked through the gardens and were among those tourists who rode on one of these boats. And what a great choice to walk and not ride underground on a glorious spring day. After pulling a shoulder muscle on our recent “T” ride on the green line I will gladly walk on future Boston trips. Also good to know your workday crunch time will soon be ending. We were “away” for a few says last week to Woodstock, VT and it was lovely and not so touristy (yet)

  4. Sarah Avatar

    Oh yes! Best decision ever! Plus thank you for the photographic memory of our trip from a year ago. It was great to look at these photos and say “I’ve been there.” Walking does wonders for the soul. Hang in there I know you’ll make it through.

  5. Michelle B Avatar

    Those spur-of-the-moment decisions to change course almost always turn out to be a great idea. Your pictures are beautiful. It looks like spring has made it to Boston. And…the best camera is always the one you happen to have with you. 🙂 Good luck as you make your way through the next couple of weeks!

  6. Lisa Gordon Avatar

    A good decision indeed, Karen.
    Boston is such a great city, and especially in the spring and summer.
    Thank you for taking us along with you!

  7. Barb Avatar

    Karen, you sound busy, but thankfully, your photos are serene. I love them all – a glimpse of Boston I haven’t seen for a long time.

  8. Jeevan Avatar

    Lovely garden capture and city view and great that you took a walk to office watching the wonderful scenes… the day end pic of the moon is a poem. You sound too busy with works loaded ahead, and I hope u enjoy your work. Yes, I did find the pics lack quality and i think mobile cams are far better these days close to dslr standard.

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