Mornings on my mountain

Otherwise known as morning walks – which Chessie and I do first thing every day.
Rain, shine, sleet, snow, we roll out of bed and head outdoors.

Chessie, sniffing

Apparently there are lots of interesting things to sniff.

Daisies in the early morning light

Yeah, I’ll take a pass on that – my preference is to explore with my eyes
– the play of light at this time of day provides lots of exploration.

morning light in the forest

Sometimes I’m a little bit too slow – trying to catch the light just so,

Chessie - waiting patiently

and Chessie waits patiently – as long as there is no rabbit or wild turkey to chase after (or chipmunk or groundhog or. robin or..).

rumpled black eyed susans with Chessie in the background

My faithful sidekick – and please don’t mind the poor flowers. When I told Chessie to sit, she apparently thought I meant on top of the pretty yellow things. Yeah, they’re looking a wee bit rumpled.

Seriously, though, our morning walks have become such an important part of my day. Every morning offers something new or different from the morning before. Whether enjoying the early sun on a new blossom, listening to birds singing and pecking in the trees, or puzzling out a problem with my rough draft, I come back looking forward to the time I will be spending at my laptop – and a cup of coffee (definitely a cup of coffee).

On my nightstand

And then, because I love a big ole pile of books – I couldn’t resist taking a photo of my current reading pile

current pile of reading

For the fiction lovers:

The Book of Longings, Sue Monk Kidd – I started reading this one around the same time I started writing my mystery. About five pages into the book, I felt overwhelmingly discouraged, setting the book down. This author uses words in a way I can’t even dream about. I got over it, and finished reading the book. This one plays a bit with the history of Jesus in a way that feels believable. There will undoubtedly be some who will find offense – I’m not one of them. I loved this version of Jesus and loved the book – it was a fantastic read!

Hid From Our Eyes, Julia Spencer-Fleming – my current read. It’s the 9th book in a series of murder mysteries. I love the main characters (a police chief and a female minister) and will continue to read this series as long as the author continues to write it.

The Mountains Wild, Sarah Stewart Taylor – next on deck. I’m excited to delve into this book – a mystery-thriller which takes place in Ireland.

Window on the Bay, Debbie Macomber – not my typical read, but if you’ve ever read books by this author, you know that she writes characters that you can’t help but care about, and I want to know how she does it. I’m calling this guilty pleasure, homework.

Not pictured – three more cozies on my Kindle – they’re homework, too!  🙂

The others in my stack are reference materials for writing – yeah lots and lots of how-tos for this newbie writer. I have found useful advice in every one of them.

selfie of me reading a book

Homework… Happy reading.

Do you have a favorite way to start your day? A good book recommendation? I’d love to hear about it!



  1. Sarah | 13th Jul 20

    Such a good start to your day versus your old life.

    That Stephen King book is really good. He is such a great writer.

  2. Barb | 13th Jul 20

    I love seeing the mist – it’s so atmospheric. We rarely get mist at our house. I once heard Sue Monk Kidd speak – it was long ago after The Secret Life of Bees was published. I’ve read several of hers, but not some of her latest ones. I may have to remedy that! I’m also going to look up that mystery series. Both Bob and I like mysteries. I can only read on my Kindle now because of my formaldehyde allergy, but I love seeing your stacked books. Have I mentioned Justin Cronin to you? I love his novels, The Summer Guest and Mary and O’Neil. HIs more recent books are sci fi, and I’m not into that genre, but he writes beautifully. My routine is to go out on the deck in the early morning with a cup of tea (I’m a coffee drinker except for that one cup of tea). I often have to wear a jacket because it’s so cool. I sit and sip and look at all the wildflowers and perennials blooming in my yard while I think about the new day. Keep writing!

  3. Lynne | 14th Jul 20

    Early Morning walks are the best in my book . . .
    (not 4:00am like Snickers “gifted me this morning though )
    (duty called . . . back in bed and catching up with blog friends, like you.)
    Must be a mystery year, I have been reading many . . .
    Jeffrey Archer, Clifton Chronicles for one . . .
    Nodding off . . . catch you later.

  4. Gayle | 14th Jul 20

    Beautiful photos! Would love to hear about Stephen King’s “On Writing.” He may be my favorite author. Can’t wait to take a field trip up to his home!

  5. Michelle B | 14th Jul 20

    I like to start my day off with a cup of green tea and enjoy the quiet of the morning. Your walk looks beautiful! I love the flowers and the fog. I borrowed The Book of Longings from the library as an ebook. I enjoyed what I read, but the 3 weeks wasn’t long enough for me to get through it. I’m back on the list, currently at #360, so it will be a while until I get to finish it. Until then, I’ll have to try some of your suggestions. 🙂

  6. beatrice p boyd | 16th Jul 20

    Karen, what a great way to start the day for you and Chessie, who has certainly grown up. I have been doing a lot of reading and all on my Kindle with e-books downloaded from the local library. That said, your reading pile is quite impressive and I may try to find the one by Elizabeth George as I have read so many of her Inspector Lynley novels. I just finished Where the Crawdads Sing (Delia Owens) and before that The Splendid and the Vile (Erik Larson) and Lincoln in the Bardo (George Saunders). My Kindle has never seen as much use in the past year as it has the past 3 months!

I am always happy to hear from you!