Simple Truths

Vermont train

“Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Confucius

I can’t finish what I don’t start

I enjoy writing posts – I do. My downfall seems to be getting started. I am always – always –  thinking of new ideas, my mind working in overdrive.
But – I can’t post what I don’t sit down to write.

Frustration is… frustrating – and exhausting

Yeah… there has been a lot of this lately – the main reason I haven’t made much time for blogging. What little time I have in the evenings, has been reserved for couch potatoing (pretty sure that’s a verb.) I truly wish I could say that I see a light at the end of this never-ending tunnel, but – well – I don’t. It’s long past time that I light my own torch.

Autumn walk

Autumn in Vermont is beautiful

The reds didn’t seem spectacular to me, this year, and the weather has been rather gray. And yet… Autumn takes my breath away. It will always be my favorite season.

Simplifying soothes my soul

You may remember that I’ve been simplifying my home – decluttering – purging belongings. But – how do you know when you’re taking it too far? Maybe when you receive texts like this one…

test message

Ummmm – oops – I guess that wine rack wasn’t bringing me joy(?) Yeah, well – it must have been empty – I mean, really. If we can’t store wine without a rack, I guess we’ll have to drink it. It’s hard to beat that for joy 🙂
Besides – I’m far from done. Much more to do.

This green barn never fails to make me smile

And that’s a simple truth.

Soooo – I would love to catch up. Your turn; what are some of your simple truths?

6 responses to “Simple Truths”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    I love when your posts pop up in my email. Basically, because it is like listening to what is going on in my own head. Autumn has been pretty great this year, even if I have been out minimally with my camera. I have been going on lots of walks, and discovered a new wooded trail near my house. I am in full on purging mode here. Unloaded a bunch of old scrapbook supplies yesterday to a friend a church. I have paper for scrapbooking that I have had for over twenty years, it is time to let it be used (by somebody else). Also bringing a bunch of craft supplies to a city neighborhood organization this week, including all my beads from my jewelry making phase. Time for them to be used my somebody else as well. I think that is why I have been hesitant to embrace this “art” thing with full on zeal because I am scared it too is a phase. But something about this feels different. Of course, life will turn on its head next month when we bring the new puppy home, but I am ready…

  2. Beatrice P. Boyd Avatar

    Enjoyed reading your simple truths, Karen, and we share a couple. I too really enjoy blogging but there have been times in recent weeks when it has become overwhelming. I’ve been having some issues with using blogger in the Safari browser and having the dashboard headings go away. Often the cause is cookies from another website, but the problem is in isolating the cause(s). Deleting all browsing history can also delete stored passwords (not fun to have to re-enter). That said, a workaround has been to download the Firefox browser and use it exclusively for reading blogs (as now) and using Safari for posting. It seems to be working. Whew that was a bit long-winded and off-track as well. I’ve reduced posting to 2-3 times a week, the exception being when we were on our cross-country road trip this summer when there was so much to post about! As much as I also enjoy reading posts from fellow bloggers, it’s difficult to keep up with those who more often than myself. I’m now spending part of one day each week catching up on blog reading. A recently purchased camera has been beckoning me to learn more of its features and I’ve sadly been neglecting it. Reorganizing stuff and making piles for donations takes time as well and as soon as there’s several items, they must go out to their “new” home which gives me a walk as well since our favorite thrift store is so close by and proceeds benefit pet rescues (win-win). And I’ve been looking through good books hoping to find a good read so “couch potatoing” is indeed an apt verb. Just finished Crooked Little House (Agatha Christie) and thoroughly enjoyed it, after trying some recent popular mysteries and not finishing. Yes, all of New England is beautiful in autumn!.

  3. Debbie Avatar

    simple truth – my 2 journals are collecting dust, i find myself “nervous” to start, and that is ridiculous!! i have purged a little, you inspired that…but mostly i have been trying to enjoy the outdoors as winder will be here soon. i don’t mind winter or the snow…i just want to enjoy nature for as long as i can!

  4. Elisabeth Mayer Avatar

    That is a beautiful barn, especially in autumn with a few apples hanging on to the branches. Autumn is my favorite season too… I love the slower pace after a busy summer, the cooler temperatures after a long heat wave, and the colors… oh, those fall colors. I, too, have struggled with writing blog posts the past few months, and always seem to be playing catch up. Writing my journal is easier; I always carry a composition book with me for note writing. But I would love to come to grips with the reasons why I am so easily distracted away from my blog, and toward other pursuits. Love your blog!

  5. Carola Bartz Avatar

    I can completely relate to your thoughts about blogging. I have so many ideas, but somehow I can’t transfer them to “paper” (i.e. the computer) which frustrates me. There is a lot of couch potatoing as well, albeit always with my knitting so I don’t feel completely useless.
    Oh, and minimizing the wine rack? Great idea. We live in wine country and we often have really nice wines in our rack. I used to keep them for “something special” (that never came around). Since the fires last year we actually DRINK that wine – and enjoy it tremendously. So go on minimizing that wine rack!!!

  6. Jeevan Avatar

    You got some simple photos and colors of autumn, a real shade of natural, whether we accept or not the change will be constant and a little change from our side too could appreciate what come our way. I think everything is simple in this world and it is our mind that makes complicate by over pondering

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