Smiling about…

A show of hands if you can relate…

What can I say? With all the sh—, umm, stuff going on in the world today I’d like nothing more than to bury my head (although, maybe not in the snow—brrr). I’m spending way too much time doomscrolling. Being informed—good. Obsessing to the point of heartache and sky-high anxiety—maybe not so good. I worry for our world—our country.

And all the noise on social media has me longing for silence…

But as the snow slowly melts, and the temperatures soar into the balmy 50s, I know how lucky I am to be right where I am. And while I feel that I have little to say, I am finding plenty to smile about. Sunrise in the forest and reading on stormy afternoons,

a morning walk with the chattiest of all purple unicorns,

wide open space on a frozen lake,

and—always—the pastel skies of early morning.

The snow has mostly melted, but I know winter is not yet done with us. Still, my mind is turning toward flower boxes, coffee on the deck, and camping trips to come. And that makes me smile, too. 😀

What are you finding to smile about these days?

Until next time, be well!


8 responses to “Smiling about…”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Ready to be done with winter for certain. I keep to the healthy practice of limiting to 3 minutes of news per day. Too depressing, when they only give you the most depressing angles of everything.

    Time away in Northern Michigan always makes me smile. Even if the weather was crappy.

    1. Karen Avatar

      I know how much you like your time in Northern Michigan – the peace and space. Even crappy weather can’t mess with that!
      Limiting my news time… I’m trying…  ☺️

  2. Beatrice Avatar

    Time away from reading about all the terrible tragedies in the world works well for me. Rather than sit in bed and read news accounts, I have been getting up early and at the gym by shortly after 6 a.m. Thankfully, the gym is located within the mill apt complex so there’s no need to drive anyplace, which would be hard to do in cold and wet weather. Also I have tried working on projects I can get done because the world’s problems are ones I cannot solve. You live in an area of beautiful nature scenes and seeing them would cher my spirt as well, Karen.

    1. Karen Avatar

      Projects and exercise—excellent ways to get away from the tragedies of the world!

  3. Barb Avatar

    I love your snowy scenes. I imagine in April you’ll begin seeing wildflowers. Here the weather is yo-yo, the way it always is in spring – some frigid days with snow and then a string of days in the 50’s. I’m still surrounded by white and doubt I’ll see any wildflowers until at least the end of May. We have 9 year old Sam with us now for part of his spring break, and this weekend our son will come for several days with his teens. I’ve been reading a lot – just finished The Speckled Beauty by Rick Bragg. I really enjoyed it. Stay well, Karen, and enjoy your VT spring.

    1. Karen Avatar

      Thank you! I like the snowy scenes, too, but am looking forward to wildflowers. On my walk yesterday, I even saw some new green growth under all the snow melt—but now, we’re back to sleety, icy rain 😂 That’s life in Vermont. I hope you have a great time with Sam!

  4. Lynne Avatar

    I love your pictures . . . even though I am getting tired of snow days . . .
    I can’t believe your little unicorn has grown and looks tall.
    Thinking she wasn’t a baby tot long enough!
    Just seeing your post brought a smile . . .
    I miss our older blogging days.

    1. Karen Avatar

      So good to hear from you! I miss our old blogging days, too. It was fun to keep up with everyone. It’s so different now, but I don’t blog like I used to, either. My little unicorn—so big, right?!?!? She’s going to kindergarten next year!

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