Finding balance

The other night, I was perusing Pinterest and stumbled upon TED Talks. Have you ever done this? For just about any topic you can imagine, there are short talks available. Exhausted from work, I spent most of an evening surfing and watching. So, when I found "Five TED Talks for when you're ready to change your life", I'm thinking - Yes please! And then, "11 Best TED Talks For When You Feel Like You're Burning Out" - hey, that's me. I continued clicking. I watched a man speak about taking a year off from work, and how he realized the importance of spending time with his family and not allowing corporations to set the definition of balance. How to Make Work-Life Balance Work.  Another talk suggests that we shouldn't be seeking balance, but living off-balance on purpose. I came across an interesting talk explaining why some people don't have one true calling in life. So yeah, cool, I am a "mulitpotentialite"!  I just need to figure out what to do with this little tidbit. Why some of us don't have one true calling And then, just for kicks, I watched a woman speak about the "ten-item wardrobe" - thinking to myself, yeah right... So, here's the thing - I truly enjoyed these short talks, but I'm pretty sure that I don't need to take a year off from work to understand what is most important to me. And while they weren't the "how-to" talks I thought I was looking for (like - how did that man manage to leave work for a year?), they lit a spark within me. As I am anticipating my work taking an ugly turn (I may be feeling overly pessimistic), that ever elusive "work-life balance" is rearing its ugly head again. And then - as a multipotentialite, how do I fit photography, yoga, cycling, blogging, and all the many, many things that I have yet to learn, into my current work-a-day life? So, no - I have no answers - yet - but these talks did get my thought process started. And then, awakening at 2 am, an idea came to me - the insight I seek is quite likely hidden somewhere in the notion of a ten-item wardrobe. Go figure. To be continued... - this is actually a pretty fun site to get lost in, whatever your interests may be. Do you have any hints or tricks for maintaining balance in your life?       (photos from my archives - still waiting for Spring :-))