Reflections on a first birthday

Have you ever found yourself sitting in the dark, and you didn't even notice the darkness - until someone turns on the light? This describes the way I felt one year ago, when my granddaughter was born. She is like a light shining brightly in my life - a light that I didn't even realize I needed. And now - a year has passed by so very, very quickly. On her first birthday, Friday, I enjoyed my morning coffee on the deck - reflecting on the past year, on the day of Ella's birth. I began my morning pages, "Happy birthday to my precious Ella Bella! One year ago today..." A day that none of us will ever forget. Frantic texts flying back and forth between Greg, Maggie, and myself: "What's happening?" "I'm heading to the hospital." "Me too - pick me up at the train" "I'm going to wait" "Jeff just texted - Ella was born!" "On my way." "Okay, I'm not waiting - I'll take an uber." "See you there." (And - I am pretty sure that I just broke another morning pages "rule". Yeah, well...) When I was a baby, I was given a tiny locket with my name engraved on it. I have it and treasure it, still. And while, a locket may not be something Ella will enjoy today, I hope it will be a keepsake for her - a little something from her very first birthday that will last into the future. And for this sweet little girl - we gathered to celebrate colorful jungle theme balloons Jungle theme snacks - twigs, cheetah paws, jungle animals, and m&ms - ummm, well, everything is better with m&ms. And while you might think that I would have taken a photo of the birthday cake - taking photos at family gathering is really not my thing. Yeah, I forgot. It was cute, though - and no complaints from the birthday girl. I enjoy every moment I have with this precious little girl, and am thankful - everyday - that she has been brought into my life. As I reflect on this past year, I also look forward to watching her grow into the little person she is meant to be. Happy first birthday, Ella! I wish for you, many happy birthdays ahead. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!


black ice

As many of my friends on Instagram already know, my wrist had an early morning date with black ice - yeah, it didn't go well. And so, cue the whining about the end of my ski season, yada yada - not to mention reparative surgery which felt something like a ton of bricks being dumped on my forearm and so on... Anyway - all grumbling aside, I have much to be grateful for: I didn't fall on my head - thank goodness for that! I can still take photos one-handed with my iPhone. (Such loving care - Chessie watched over me while I napped.) And then, speaking of loving care - I am grateful for Greg who has willingly acted as my private nurse, chef, and chauffeur. So, honestly - my wrist hopes to never meet black ice again - but thankfully, I am on the mend and feel fortunate in so many ways. I am joining Michelle for Thankful Thursday, and look forward to hearing what you're feeling thankful for!


Snowy Winter Walks

I love winter - strange, I know. So I am especially thankful for those beautiful winter days where I'm able to go outdoors and take a deep breath - stress melting away. Greg and I often take this walk along the West River in Vermont. The landscape, changing with every season; winter adds its own artistryBack at home, curled up with a warm cup of hibiscus tea and a worn out pooch, it feels like the perfect Saturday. I am joining Michelle for Thankful Thursday (on Saturday-running a bit late) Have a wonderful weekend!      


winter sillhouette

Bitter cold and howling wind. I am thankful that no matter what the weather, the beauty outside my window continues to amaze me. I am joining Michelle for Thankful Thursday