Spring Ramble at Lowell Lake

This winter was pretty much a bust for me - and the spring seemed to be a long time coming. It's finally here, though, and Greg and I managed to spend an afternoon at one of our favorite Vermont parks - Lowell Lake. It was one of those gray, misty kind of days - cool air, soft lighting and the forest scented with pine and lilacs. And while I am more of a sunshine kind of gal - I was just thankful to be outdoors, again. It really was a perfect day to roam the trails. Lowell Lake used to…


Finding my zen

"Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?" Mary Oliver One thing leads to another, and another, and another - and my quest for balance continues. It all began with my Monday morning dread. Although, perhaps "dread" is too strong a word - "apprehension", "trepidation" - maybe. It all began with my Monday morning trepidation which led to thinking about balance, which led to TED talks, which led to the ten-item wardrobe, and on to reading about minimalism, and tidying and new blogs and new books - my mind is a jumble of a million thoughts.…


Snowy Winter Walks

I love winter - strange, I know. So I am especially thankful for those beautiful winter days where I'm able to go outdoors and take a deep breath - stress melting away. Greg and I often take this walk along the West River in Vermont. The landscape, changing with every season; winter adds its own artistryBack at home, curled up with a warm cup of hibiscus tea and a worn out pooch, it feels like the perfect Saturday. I am joining Michelle for Thankful Thursday (on Saturday-running a bit late) Have a wonderful weekend!