Today I choose joy

Yes, it’s a real thing – choosing joy, choosing happiness

I generally think of myself as a happy person; I am fortunate in so many ways – but, as many of you have probably noticed, I’ve been in a bit of a slump. And – to be honest with you, I’m more that a bit tired of myself, so thank you for bearing with me…

Maggie and Georgie

“Cosmic messages”

Anyway – one evening, mindlessly perusing Pinterest, I ran across a quote “Choose joy even when life is hard”, and this made me think of people whose lives are, indeed, hard. My life is NOT hard. That same evening, preparing a cup of bedtime tea, the message on my tea bag “Happiness is actually an art of living, which is in us” Okay, so, what – really? cosmic messages? Well, it did make me ponder – and you know how I am prone to pondering…


When I awoke the next morning, still pondering (because I’m pretty sure my mind never sleeps – sigh), I thought to myself “Okay – so today I choose joy.”

Choosing joy

It’s pretty much been my mantra for the past month or so, and yes – it’s a real thing.

art journal page

I tried expressing this message on the journal page that I was creating as part of my Wanderlust 2019 adventure. While I am pretty sure this page is not really my style –  I’m not exactly sure what my style is, yet. But, as I follow each lesson – learning new techniques, I try to make the message my own. Hopefully, as I continue on this path of learning, I’ll discover what my style is – find my “artistic” voice.

Laura and Ella

And so – I am finding joy in the everyday things. Annoyances, frustrations, and disappointments happen, they always do, but my reaction is my choice. Deep breath, let it go, choose joy.

Your turn – I’d love to hear what you are up to. Do you believe happiness is a choice?

I hope you have a wonderful week!


11 responses to “Today I choose joy”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    I think there are a lot of bits of you in that journal page. I am not sure any of them are completely us. Because we are still on the journey of discovering ourselves. Joy is hard this time of year. Especially after polar vortex week last week. Now today rain…but I am trying.

  2. Lissa Mayer Avatar

    It’s hard, sometimes… letting go of that flash of annoyance, choosing instead to smile and take a deep breath, and move on. It’s something I am trying to be better at. “Today, I choose Joy” sounds like a great mantra. Because it is a choice… and your post is a great reminder. I love seeing each page in your art journal, Karen. What a wonderful project for a brand new year!

  3. Recep Hilmi TUFAN Avatar

    I am always choosing joy. Sometimes it is getting really hard for me however I am trying my best!

    Thanks for encouraging!

  4. Michelle B Avatar

    Yes. Happiness is a choice. We tend to think we will be happy ‘when’ we have a million dollars, weigh less, or (fill in the blank). The thing is, when we look for ‘things’ to make us happy, it isn’t true happiness anyway. We may be happy when we find the perfect pair of red heels, but it doesn’t last long. The long lasting happiness comes from inside of us, which is always there, we just have to choose to see it. Every. Single. Day. We can be happy doing things we love and cleaning the toilets, our choice. But it isn’t always easy… Can you tell I have struggled with this too? 🙂

  5. Debbie Avatar

    i do believe happiness is a choice. when i was younger, it came naturally…as i have gotten older, it is a thoughtful choice. i plant things in my life and routine that insure happiness, i do not find it to be too difficult but i also have an easy life!!

    mornings start with “be happy, no matter what”!! the little one is adorable and getting so big!!

  6. Barb Avatar

    The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is look in the mirror and make sure there’s a smile on my face. (And then, I smile at my husband.) A smile can really change attitudes – both my own and other people’s. I probably have an easier life than most, but I hope giving away smiles might make someone else’s day a bit happier too. I love your very personal photos here, and I especially like your journal page. Your post makes my smile even broader!

  7. Lynne Avatar

    I think I usually choose joy . . .
    Keeping it quite simple . . .
    Content to be in my cozy home, creating some good food
    and surrounding myself with happy people.
    (A paraphrase on a recent quote I read.)
    (Choosing joy rather than getting enmeshed in conflict, drama, stress .)
    I sometimes need to encourage myself to mix, be with people, friends . . .
    I love being home.
    The quiet, going for a walk, (when it isn’t -30), reading, writing . . . watercolor, more quiet.
    Some might not call that Joy . . . It is though, for me.
    I think we each find our own unique joy . . . and it makes it joyful!

  8. Lynne Avatar

    Loved seeing your sweet little . . .
    Art piece . . . finding your way of expression . . . joy.
    Liked the message,
    Walk In Peace

  9. Jeevan Avatar

    Happiness is a part of life like other emotions and choose to be happy doesn’t work always when we try alone. We’re in support of something to sustain this feeling and we can’t enjoy doing what we really don’t like when we had no option to choose. I believe happiness work to a limit when it becomes a choice, that we create.

  10. Carola Bartz Avatar

    Yes, I do believe happiness is a choice. Not always an easy one, because sometimes it’s hard to find happiness – and that is okay. You can’t be constantly happy, but you can consciously choose and look for happiness and seek joy. We’re often standing in our own way – to happiness, joy, even contentment. I personally have chosen to write more and chase my dreams which over the course of the past weeks has given me a lot of very happy moments.
    How lovely to see that we are Wanderlust 2019 companions.

  11. Beatrice P Boyd Avatar

    Finding joy is something that seems to elude so many and maybe it’s because nothing can make them truly happy. There are some days, I wonder what makes me happy and others when I realize how fortunate I am. I don’t believe I’m joyful all the time, every day, but the joys far outnumber the sad days.

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