Winter Wonderment

winter sunrise

I’m not sure when it started – my love for winter – a season that is much, much more than a season to be endured – tolerated…

I remember as a child, living at the top of a “big” hill (ummmm, yeah, I grew up in Kansas…), and those glorious snow days when hoards of neighborhood kids raced to our hill, sleds in tow – the thrill of sledding right down the middle of our street (which, of course, makes me wonder why our street wasn’t plowed – but that’s not really the point.) And yet – I don’t think that I loved winter back then.

When my daughters were young, we moved to Chicago. “you’ll hate it there” our friends said, “the winters are horrible.” Yes – the winters were bitterly cold. I didn’t mind. And yet – I don’t think I loved it, then, either.

waling on the frozen lake

But now, I look forward to winter – the cold, fresh air – the first snowfall. Winter is:

The hush of snow, gently falling

Early morning walks with Chessie as the sun rises over the mountain

Greg and Chessie

Wandering on the frozen lake and the crunch of freshly fallen snow under my boots – this is definitely a favorite for Chessie.

Magic Mountain from Lowell Lake

Quiet time indoors – curling up with a warm throw, a cup of tea, and a good book

January finds me –

spending a little more time with my camera – trying to allow for more negative space in some of my compositions. This is proving a bit more challenging than I anticipated, but persevere, I shall…

light in the storm

I’ve been adding to my art journal – enjoying the weekly lessons, and learning – always learning.
“I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.” Vincent van Gogh

My reading list keeps growing. I just finished After You’ve Gone, by Jeffrey Lent. In one word – poignant, but one word will not do for this book. Jeffrey Lent has a wonderful writing style. I am currently curling up with Kingdom of the Blind by Louise Penny. I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be, this winter, than the idyllic village of Three Pines in southern Quebec, the imaginary setting for this series of murder mysteries.

On my bookshelf:

Demelza (The Poldark Saga book 2), Winston Graham
The Clockmaker’s Daughter, Kate Morton
Unsheltered, Barbara Kingsolver

And so – January marches on. Your turn – do you embrace or endure these winter months?


8 responses to “Winter Wonderment”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Growing up in Michigan my whole life, I guess I don’t know anything other than winter. The winters of my childhood were filled with snow forts and digging tunnels in the piles of snow at the edge of our driveway. Cross country skiing, snowmobiling and sledding could keep us outside all day. There was a period in my 30’s when I disliked winter coming. But now I welcome it. It wipes the slate clean, and removes a lot of chaos from the world. Plus the bonus is less people.

  2. Lynne Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful post . . .

    Many will say . . . awful winter . . . and other mentions . . .
    and I am left out on a limb . . .it has always been my favorite . . .
    from growing up in Wisconsin and then Iowa, later years . . . Michigan.
    I can still feel myself in my snow suit and boots, playing outdoors in the snow.
    Four, maybe five . . . and my mom urging me inside, but had to make one more “snowgirl.”
    Vivid memories of sledding, ice skating, snowy igloo like forts . . . oh my, pure delight.
    Wet snow pants, mittens, drippy nose, red cheeks . . . loved every minute.
    And winter love has never ended . . . love a walk on a crisp day . . . just like today, zero and below.
    Treasured ski trips at small down hill places to many Colorado slopes.
    Best family memories ever.
    Frigid days, the fragrance of cinnamon and oranges brewing on the stove, to bring some moisture into house.
    A good book, and four or five more . . . apfghan cuddles . . .
    I love winter . . . I am in embrace land . . .
    I love being inspired . . .
    thank you karen

  3. Debbie Avatar

    i’ll have to google “negative space” and read up on that!! i like winter too. i like being home, doing indoor things, without the guilt of “knowing i should be outdoors”!! i too love the cold air, it awakens my happy spirit and the snow, it’s magical!! i can’t imagine living somewhere that doesn’t have 4 seasons!! beautiful pictures today…all special to the season!! i have NOT written one word in my journal (i am hanging my head in shame)!!!

  4. Barb Avatar

    I especially like the Chessie on the lake shot where the tracks come in from the right side. I also love the tree shot with the warm glow that invites the eye. I can see you curled up in that glow with a book. I’ve always loved winter with its quiet white landscapes.

  5. Beatrice P. Boyd Avatar

    Winter is a favorite season of mine as well, Karen. Growing up in NJ we had ones with a lot of snow. Living in VA on the eastern shore where big snowfalls are the exception made me “homesick” for a good old fashioned stay at home winter snowstorm day. We had anout 8 inches of snow this weekend, followed by frigid temps. The river outside our window is icing up but its not able to be walked on.

  6. Michelle B Avatar

    We lived at the top of a ‘hill’ also in Missouri. I can remember the sledding days. As a kid, I loved snow for the snow days away from school and the sledding. Now that I’m older I don’t care for the cold temperatures. But, I figure if it is going to be cold, it might as well snow. The snow is beautiful. It also covers the brown grass and makes the overcast days a little brighter. I loved the full moon Sunday night with all the snow. There were moon shadows! I would say I am somewhere in between the ‘enduring’ and ’embracing’ winter. I love snow, but not winter. If that even makes sense. 🙂 I am currently reading the Clockmaker’s Daughter. I like it. I borrowed it from the library as an ebook. I didn’t realize it was so long, I don’t think I will get it finished and will have to get back on the hold list to recheck it. I guess that is how you know a book is good…the hold list is huge. Stay warm and enjoy the snow!

  7. Jeevan Avatar

    I embrace winter because it’s the only time in part of my world were the weather is cooler but I know the cold there was bigger than ours and despite that I sense refreshing in your words and pics. Snow is a dream for me and at same time i wonder could I survive it.

  8. Carola Avatar

    Winter here in coastal Northern California is a very different season than the winters I grew up with and experienced for 40 years. I sometimes miss those cold but sunny and snowy days, the white landscape. I don’t miss the grey days of winter, the snow shoveling and the black ice on roads.
    Here winter means rain which we welcome as it means a break in the fire season which seems to be almost year round now. I love the sound of rain, how the garden soaks up the water and gets ready for the spring bloom. And if I yearn to see the snow I can go to the Sierras and enjoy it there.
    How did you like “The Clockmaker’s Daughter”? I loved some of Kate Morton’s books and some were a disappointment.

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