It’s winter in Vermont, and crappy though it’s been, I’m in my element. Cozy socks, sweaters, and comforters are my jam.

Never quite sure what our morning walk will offer, I bundle up—hat, gloves, spiked boots—and grab my phone. Every morning is different. Photos are a must.

I’ve spent much of this winter in a bleary-eyed blur, working with an editor. Hmmm. Interesting process, that.

Despite my stellar English grades back in the day (back in the day being the operative phrase here)—apparently, I have no clue where a comma belongs. I’m of the generation (old) where commas were used for pauses. And let’s face it, in long sentences, there are lots of pauses. But, today we live in a faster-paced world, a world where people no longer need to breathe. Or so it seems.

Fine. I’ll keep scattering my commas like chocolate sprinkles (yum), and my editor will keep throwing them out. It’s an understanding of sorts.

So, if you’re reading this and thinking—what’s up with all the commas, Karen?—please understand, no one edits my blog, and this old dog is reaching her limit for learning new tricks. Pretend they’re chocolate sprinkles and enjoy.

Anyway… The pesky punctuation problem taken care of, my manuscript is finally ready (phew) to go out on submission to publishers—

—which might seem like a good time for a break.
But no… Now I need a new website in my pen name (not to mention switching all my social media accounts, newsletter, and email. The fun (as well as learning curve) has no end.
No problem, I said. Easy peasy, I said. I’ve done it before, I can do it again—I said.

Yeah… I should really stop listening to myself (insert teeth gnashing and nail biting here).

Even so—I can’t wait to separate my alter-egos. I’ll be writing fiction as Kara Lacey. And yes, for those who know me, you’re right—I’ve named myself for a beloved Labrador retriever. Somehow, though, after much consideration and deliberation, it just feels right.

Most exciting (for me, anyway), this site will revert back to my personal blog—Karen’s Meanderings. Once my author site ( is live, I can also revert back to being my goofy, less-than-professional self, and post about my less-than-exciting—but sometimes picturesque—life.

There you have it. Ch-ch-changes on the horizon. Color me excited.
And, the perfectly punctuated manuscript?? I’ve been told the next step can take months. We’ll see how it goes. Be sure to join my newsletter for updates.

Until next time, be well!

4 responses to “Ch-ch-changes”

  1. Amy Lakis Avatar

    I, too, am a comma Queen. Furthermore, I cannot stop putting two spaces after periods. We are all so proud of your accomplishments!

  2. Barb Avatar

    That last photo is a classic. Chessie is serious and sensible – her family – not so much! No rest for the weary it seems. I hope the submission process goes well. I haven’t changed my blog since its inception. I can’t even imagine updating it to be more modern…. It looks like you have snow, and I’m glad you still have time for those morning walks. Good Luck Karen (aka Kara)!

  3. Beatrice Avatar

    Best of luck goes to you, Karen, and Kara as well. And, I too have issues with commas and other forms of punctuation as well.

  4. Judy Avatar

    I’m not sure how I ended up here on your blog, but I recognized your photo and remember reading your blog long ago. Much has changed here and I love it. I look forward to reading your publications and I did sign up for your newsletter.

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