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  • Winter Wonderment

    Winter Wonderment

    Winter – the hush of the first snowfall, early morning walks as the sun rises from behind the mountain, wandering on a frozen lake, and the crunch of snow beneath my boots. I’m not sure when I started loving winter.

  • Procrastination


    “There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.” Running behind – again. It’s not that I have been putting off writing this post, or that I didn’t want to do the things I haven’t been doing – I did, and I do. Someday, maybe, I will learn how to fit…

  • Musing


    absorbed in thought; meditative – which is not the same thing as overthinking – or so I think Random thoughts – random photos Ever since my old point-and-shoot bit the dust, I’ve missed having a pocket sized camera in my bag – and no, my iPhone doesn’t count. Worried that I didn’t have a camera for…