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  • It’s okay if it’s not all figured out

    It’s okay if it’s not all figured out

    I’m a planner. Before diving into something new, I like to figure it out before getting my toes wet. But – I also love to break plans and replan and create new plans. And so, I am revising, replanning and replotting something I was certain I had figured out months ago. And that’s okay.

  • Summer downtime

    Summer downtime

    Summers in Vermont are short – but beautiful – and I am determined to get lots of outdoor time! What better way than some hiking and camping (and a new tent)?

  • Following curiosity

    Following curiosity

    There are signs of spring in Vermont and I’ve been busy revising my manuscript. My “curiosity” project may have been a bust – but I still follow my curiosity excited to go where it leads.