Life in motion

Greg and Ella at the train station

Life – always in motion, and oh boy – rough week – enough said about that
I choose joy (I tell myself – again and again)
and so I do

I had a great time with my camera during the month of February. My photography challenge for the month – motion. Life – it is always moving; and I quickly realized this topic is much too broad –  so many types of motion and so many ways to capture it.

Greg and Ella were good sports and humored me at my train station.

Greg and Ella at the train station

This wasn’t really the shot I was going for when I saw the blue jay on my deck. He made a quick exit as I approached with my camera.

blue jay

I chose motion as my topic for February, knowing I would be spending time with Ella. A little bundle of motion, I can always count on her to provide me with opportunities to add to my collection of blurry photos.

Ella clapping

This little sweetie is happy and she knows it!

Ella stomping

Clap, clap! Stomp, stomp!

cattails in the wind

Nature is always in motion, too. I was working on negative space when I took this photo. Frustrated at first, I quickly saw the beauty in the movement of the cattails as a storm was brewing. Fortunately, we were at the end of our hike.

Chessie on Gale Meadow

And speaking of my blurry photo collection – no study of motion would be complete without photos of Chessie

Chessie on Gale Meadow

This crazy pup does a happy dance all her own when she is allowed to run on the frozen lake.

In my little motion challenge, I focused mainly on stopping motion, and allowing blur. I plan to add a completely separate challenge for panning. But really, in life, there are so many types of motion – like moving forward. Greg and I are taking the first baby steps in putting our next “phase” into motion, and we are sooooo excited! More on this in the not-too-distant-future (hopefully) – baby steps…

For March, I am going to do an about-face. My topic will be “stillness”. And really – I love stillness. It will be a challenge, though. Stillness, to me, seems like more of a feeling than a thing.

As always – I wish you all a wonderful week. March is here (already!) – what kind of things do you have in motion?


7 responses to “Life in motion”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Oh…I sense the smell of something good with those baby steps 🙂 I love your train photos. I have never been good with motion. Your hard work paid off with your shots of Chessie. Now stillness…that is all I seem capable of doing. Also love the “blooper” of the bluejay, made me laugh.

  2. Carola Avatar

    I do like your motion images. Those train pictures tell a story, but Ella of course takes the prize! What a cutie. She reminds me a lot of my daughter when she was little. Always happy, always ready to smile. Chessie is precious – beautiful shots!
    I had no idea what “panning” is, so I followed your link. I wasn’t familiar with the term – and it doesn’t look easy.

  3. Michelle B Avatar

    Great ‘motion’ photos. You really did a good job capturing motion with each image. The cute blurry hands and feet and Chessie running are my favorites. But I do have to say the bird leaving quickly did put a smile on my face. 🙂 I can’t think of anything in particular in motion for me in March, maybe a college visit with Megan. But plans after March I do believe will be a big blur…

  4. Wisps of Words Avatar

    Delightful post!!!!!

    Lovely photos all!!!!!!

    What a wonderful camera you must have! I am *green with envy*… :-)))))))))))

    A new phase!!! Oh exciting! Can’t wait to hear about it!

    We have a new phase here too! In the works. Adding shower to downstairs bathroom, and converting our never used big front room, into our bedroom. Finally living on just one floor!!! Which has been my dream, for years! 🙂

  5. Jeevan Avatar

    You got stunning motion stills though it’s tough to capture certain things at motion. Yes, life keeps moving and photography helps capturing them in stillness and hope you come up with interesting photos on your March challenge.

  6. Debbie Avatar

    i am so happy to see you today, to see that you are always challenging yourself. i don’t do that…i just find something pretty and take a picture!!
    i was scanning through, looking for a favorite and found that they are all my favorites. but the train, wow!! chessie sure helped out as well and ella too!!
    i am on the edge of my seat, excited about what is coming!!

  7. Beatrice P. Boyd Avatar

    Something’s coming made me think of the song lyrics from West Side Story, little things get my mind going. Hope the “baby steps” lead to something exciting for the next phase of your life, retirement maybe (?) Your challenges are always interesting and I have several ideas and have taken photos for some of my own, shadows and then lines and angles are always favorite subjects of mine. Your granddaughter, Ella, is a little charmer and Chessie is a great action subject. Still ongoing is my project of clearing images from CDs onto hard drives. I admit to putting it on the back burner for awhile but am back at work…slowly.

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