Like squirrels gathering nuts

Basket of apples

It’s apple season – already! I am truly amazed by how quickly the summer flew by.
But I love the fall; it has always felt more like the beginning of a new year, to me, than January does.

Ella, eating an apple

I love the cooler air and colors of autumn – apple picking with our little peanut. Ella didn’t hesitate when it came to enjoying the fruits of her labor. I think this apple may be bigger than she is!

Ella, picking an apple

And as beautiful as autumn is in my neck of the woods, winter comes quickly behind.

Ella running in the orchard

Greg and I feel a bit like squirrels, gathering nuts – preparing for our first full Vermont winter.

apple tree

And while Greg has been busy “gathering” all the practical things – installing a pellet stove and generator, researching snow plows for his truck…

I am gathering projects – photography projects – still trying to figure out what my “styled” photo project should be, the project found me. Working on my computer, one evening, I glanced up to see our bag of apples, begging to be photographed.

basket of apples

I love it when that happens…

stack of books

Art journal projects – reading “projects”, also. My to-be-read pile seems to be multiplying. As the winter approaches, I look forward to hours curled up with a good book, cup of tea, and cozy afghan.

But I, too, have some “practical” projects. Encouraged by the success of my vegetable garden, this summer, we built a new garden bed to accommodate a cold frame. I am kind of excited by the idea of extending our gardening season – if even for a short time. I’ve read that kale, spinach, and carrots do well – I will let you know how that goes.

Fall is only beginning, though; there is much more to enjoy before winter sets in. I have begun taking my camera along on my early morning walks with Chessie, clicking whatever catches my eye. I think of this project, “Walking Miss Chessie”, as a sort of document of mornings on our mountain. I am excited to see the changes that fall will bring.

And that’s it for me – do you do anything special to prepare for winter, or have any projects that you feel excited about?




6 responses to “Like squirrels gathering nuts”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Wow! That book photo! I can see the difference now that you have time and energy to devote to your photography. I think you have your style, you are just deepening and expanding it. Like I said you have a knack for the wider view photos, and your simple everydayness is so perfectly you.

  2. Lynne Avatar

    Loved the huge apple and little grand . . . GRAND photo indeed!
    It must be exciting to be thinking about new gardens, books, and time to read,
    instead of the race of working you were facing during fall days in the past.

    My winter preparations feel like WORK. It is time to cut back plantings.
    Right now it feels like work . . . I will appreciate it next spring though!

    I look forward to fall/winter days . . . I seem to favor cold more than hot and steamy.
    Books, sitting, more painting days . . . and I will be in love . . .
    Colder weather gets me out for more walking too . . .

  3. Barb Avatar

    Hi Karen, watching a small child experience things for the first time is a joy. Ella is adorable (as are her tiny Uggs). I always loved fall in VT – the small town festivities with everything apple were fun. I like seeing what you’re reading. Your styled photos are a reflection of your life. Here in the mountains of CO it seems we’re always preparing for winter. Bob has a new snowblower to play with along with his trusty John Deere. We’ll soon put our water feature to bed before it’s buried under white. We watch the weather now, just hoping a major snow waits until the leaves are off the trees.

  4. Beatrice P. Boyd Avatar

    We plan to do some apple picking and after reading this post and seeing your photos, Karen, I am so ready to go. of course, then most likely there will be an apple pie following which will make my husband very happy. Ella is growing as quickly as our own grands!

  5. Debbie Avatar

    i am so glad you retired!! you will never know how much i enjoy reading your “more frequent” posts, viewing your pictures and reading about your projects. you inspire me.
    your ella is precious, your winter will include lots of special time with her, perhaps a snowman and some snow angels!!
    i have a few projects planned for winter, but right now i am working on the fall bucket list….but i am excited about the prospects of hunkering down with my knitting and some hot cocoa!!!

  6. Carola Bartz Avatar

    That little granddaughter of yours is so adorable! The photo with the apple tells such a lovely story.
    Like you I love fall as well. Our fall is not quite as stunning as yours, however, the colors are gorgeous here as well. I especially like to be in the vineyards around this time. Fall here lasts a long time and thankfully is not followed by a long and cold winter (like I was used to back in Germany).
    You certainly found your styled photo shoot, and it’s a lovely one. When I saw your top photo I thought that is it. It’s quiet and really speaks to me. Enjoy your morning walks – I enjoy them on my days off. One of the best ways to start the day, especially with your adorable dog.

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