Writing as if

What if putting your dreams on paper helped you turn them into reality?

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If I were a flower

what would I choose to be? This was a recent art journaling prompt. No deep thought - no debate (should I be this flower? that flower?) - I knew the answer - I would be a daisy. Not the flashiest flower in the garden - nor my favorite. Not a choice, really, it just feels right. And as I am mindful of what feels right, I understand that, for me, the question isn't really "what flower?", but "why?" The daisy's beauty…

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Baby steps and marathons

  I was beginning to feel as though 2019 had gotten off to a slow start. This was to be my year of exploration - of "following my soul" - and really, what was I doing? I felt as though I was marching in place - staying with the status quo. And then - a couple of baby steps set everything into motion. Looking into the possibility of selling our Boston-area townhouse and relocating to our Vermont home, "Away", resulted in…

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Today I choose joy

Yes, it’s a real thing – choosing joy, choosing happiness I generally think of myself as a happy person; I am fortunate in so many ways – but, as many of you have probably noticed, I’ve been in a bit of a slump. And – to be honest with you, I’m more that a bit tired of myself, so thank you for bearing with me… "Cosmic messages" Anyway – one evening, mindlessly perusing Pinterest, I ran across a quote “Choose joy…

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greeting the new year

It's here - 2019, that is. I awoke on new year's day feeling the same as always, and thought to myself - "huh..." Honestly, I am not sure what I was expecting - so, after a wintry morning walk up on the mountain, I prepared a champagne brunch - just Greg and myself. And so began the new year. I was excited to tear open my new journal - a cheery bright green - and started creating pages for the many…

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