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  • Baby steps and marathons

    Baby steps and marathons

    2019 – my year of exploration – of “following my soul” got off to a slow start with a few baby steps that set things into motion. Then – I did it – I listened to my soul and dropped that big stone into the river…

  • Today I choose joy

    Today I choose joy

    Yep – choosing joy, choosing happiness – it’s a real thing. I’m fortunate in so many ways, but these last few months… And so, it seems, the universe has been sending me messages. “Happiness is actually an art of living, which is in us.”

  • greeting the new year

    greeting the new year

    Cheers to 2019 – a year I hope will bring exploration – trying new things, exploring new options. A year for stretching my photography skills and getting messy in my art journal.