Looking forward

The beginning of December and, already, I am looking forward to 2019. Sigh – I feel as though I am wishing a whole month away – but, really, I’m not. I know all too well that this month will whiz by more quickly than I am prepared for.

Winter has arrived in Vermont; smile…

blue jays

Time for the bears to hibernate as I happily set out my bird feeders, once again, adding a handful of peanuts for my blue jays. I was afraid it might take a few days for the birds to find us – but they visited right away, remembering us from last year. I honestly think we may be feeding the whole forest.

Our little one hasn’t quite decided how she feels about the cold and snow.

Ella in the snow

But I know – of course, she will love it someday 🙂

Greg and Ellla

And so – 2019. The new year always seems like a benchmark of sorts. I’ve been pondering my “Dear Jane” art journaling project – making sketches, attempting to incorporate where I am and where I hope to go. In many ways, 2019 will be a year of transition and change; and as I look forward, comfortably from where I am, I feel ready – eager – to embark on a new journey – taking those first tentative steps. Though I’m not sure where this new path will lead me, I look forward to the adventure – I think… Yeah, it’s a little scary…

Dear Jane sketch

This whole art journaling thing is new to me – creating images, rather than words, for expression. I hope that this, too, will have a role in my journey.

How about you – as this year comes to a close, are you thinking about the new year, or – maybe – still firmly in 2018?

8 responses to “Looking forward”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    But the great thing about art journaling is that you can still combine both. Even if the words are in a hidden layer underneath. The best of both worlds. Seeing your blog today and remember when we first met, we both have come such a long ways! And we have many more adventures ahead of us.

  2. Debbie Avatar

    i’m not sure where i am…maybe just comfortably settled in december of 2018, taking one day at a time!! when i saw the first picture i thought – oh, how sweet – then i thought – her windows will never be clean again. but after that little one goes home, her hand prints will be left behind, for you to gaze upon…..she is adorable!!

    my journaling is at a standstill – i have made a promise with myself to start on 1/1/19…i am going to do it!!

  3. Debbie Avatar

    ooooh and that blue jay, looks just like mine!!! great capture!!

  4. Jeevan Avatar

    Right now, I am in a situation of thinking anything but I truly wish it wasn’t the same year. Looks like life is pleasant and happier with the little one and you got cute pics on her… and the sketching looks great and really an art of expression.

  5. Beatrice P. Boyd Avatar

    Your granddaughter is precious, Karen, and give her time and she may really grow fonder of snow days as has our 2-year old granddaughter, now that she is able to move around in it. I never considered journaling which is odd in a way, since most of my professional career was spent in some form of writing or editing…hmmm maybe that’s WHY (?) Personally, I am not looking to hurry the end of 2018 as this entire month is the best part once you get through the crass and way overdone commercialism. We have been listening to lots of holiday music at home, the instrumental selections via Pandora have been wonderful. This weekend. Grenville is putting up the New England holiday village and, this year, he’s including the train. last holiday season was spent in VA as the house sale had been scheduled for year-end, but then didn’t happen until Feb. We’re making up for not being home in NH this year.

  6. Carola Avatar

    The beginning of this page of your art journal looks very promising – and beautiful! Who said that you are not an artistic person? Did I read that somewhere on your blog? Of course you are! I love that you have started this journey and am looking forward to see more of it. It’s inspiring.

    I have been so busy both in my two jobs and my own business that I don’t feel any kind of holiday spirit neither do I think about the end of this year or the new year. I just want to get through the next two weeks half way sane…

  7. Michelle B Avatar

    I was in such a creative slump the middle and end of 2018 I am ready to start fresh in 2019. Your sketch looks great, you are off to a good start. I love your bluejay picture, his color really stands out with the snow. Enjoy your holidays!

  8. Lissa Avatar

    When the middle of December finally arrives, I am also ready to jump to the new year and all the “new-ness” it has to offer. I can close the door on those things I’d hoped to accomplish, and shiver in anticipation of what’s to come. Love the first page in your art journal, and look forward to seeing this new adventure unfold for you. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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