The fickle month of February

What a fickle month February has been. It’s been cold, it’s been warm, it’s been bitter cold, and now it’s (grossly) warm again. And no, we’re not talking the kind of warmth for frolicking fun. We’re talking Vermont winter warm. 🤨 This is supposed to be the month for snow—and lots of it… But try as I might, I can’t do a darned thing about it, which leaves me with no choice but to be a sport and just roll with it—if I must.

I have a second calendar in my Project365 app—one for daily memories

And this is how my fiendishly fickle month is shaping up so far:

The sun’s early rays paint the forest in ribbons of pink and blue,

turning to gold.

Morning walks included our daughter’s dog, Tuxie, while she and her family basked in the warm Florida sunshine (the frolicking fun kind). I don’t know what these two thought they saw, or heard, or smelled, but they had me on alert for fox, or coyote, or bear (who sometimes rudely awaken in winter). Or, it could have been our neighbor’s dogs.

Bluebird days—on top of the frozen, glittery world.

Warm sun, cool temps, and overpriced beer—après ski on the sun deck.

Bare trees and snow-covered bramble—winter hiking feels more open—more spacious.

Afternoons indoors—writing, plotting, studying, reading… Updates will go out next week in my February newsletter. Find out how to sign up here, or catch up with last month’s issue—if you’re so inclined.

While February has been oh, so fickle weather-wise, I’ve been a fickle reader genre-wise. Not too surprisingly, my favorite of this bunch was the mystery—The Maid—which I highly recommend as a fun, light read that breaks all those pesky mystery rules. I’m already compiling my March reading list—a Mystery March read-a-thon—with LOTS of armchair traveling to Great Britain (love those British mysteries).

And while the rest of February remains its own mystery, I am ever hopeful for snow—and lots of it. If not, there’s always March… right? ☺️

Until next time—be well!


11 responses to “The fickle month of February”

  1. Helen Avatar

    Nice photo journal as always. Have you ever read Krista Davis? I read the Coloring Brook this week- I thought of you because it is mystery with a little art (sketching in this case) mixed in- quick simple read but good for passing the winter months. I also enjoyed Malibu Rising and am trying her other book- The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Happy reading!

    1. Karen Avatar

      Thanks, Helen! I have seen mysteries by Krista Davis, but never this series which look like fun reads. I’m always looking for a different twist in the mystery genre. Am adding to my ever-growing tbr…

  2. Barb Avatar

    You don’t look like you have an abundance of snow either. I’m afraid all ours will come in April and May! I just finished The Widow’s Watcher (Eliza Maxwell) and thought of you. I finished it in a few hours reading over 2 days. I then downloaded another book written by the same author. Enjoy the rest of your VT winter. Today it reached 40 degrees here!

    1. Karen Avatar

      Oooo – just looked that one up and it looks so good. I sure hope your 40 degrees isn’t headed our way! We had rain the other day, and thankfully it got colder again and we had some flurries. They didn’t amount to much, but I much prefer it to rain. Thanks for the book recommendation – adding to my tbr!

  3. Amy Lakis Avatar
    Amy Lakis

    I just love your creative calendar ideas ❤️

    1. Karen Avatar

      Thanks, Amy. I’ve been using that photo calendar app off and on for a few years. I highly recommend it – it’s free, although there’s added functionality in the paid version, which I have yet to explore.

  4. Beatrice Avatar

    The winter weather here in Nashua, NH, has been just as changeable, Karen. Our “solution” for February’s fickle weather was to go on a road trip from the 1st through the 23rd arriving home just before an 8-inch snowfall yesterday (Feb 25). Thankfully, we did get to the grocery store before the storm. I need to find some new books to read and perhaps an updated Kindle reader is in my future as well.

    1. Karen Avatar

      It’s been a crazy February all around. A road trip sounds like a fun solution – although I’m not sure about your timing, unless, of course, you’re like me, and were excited about that 8″ of snow 😀

  5. Beatrice Avatar

    Yes, we are excited about snow, Karen, and more so because we made it home and to the grocery store beforehand. Then, we could enjoy it from the warmth and safety of our apt.

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