Vermont summertime

Vineyard barn

My little corner of Vermont is a popular, busy place in the fall and winter. Camera-clad leaf peepers swarm our area from late September through mid-October, hoping to capture the riot of colors. Winter brings a rowdier crew, as our world is blanketed in snow and winter sports lure crowds away from their city lives. And while I, too, love Vermont during these seasons, it is the summertime that I enjoy most.


A time when my flower garden is a profusion of blooms and I putter leisurely outdoors.

Vermont vineyard

A time when exploring takes us to a beautiful vineyard and winery, where wine tasting makes for the perfect lazy summer afternoon.

Vermont Kayaking

A time for kayaking on a nearby pond, listening to the quiet stillness that surrounds us. On this particular morning, a bald eagle soared above the pond, settling high in a tree along the shore.

farmer's market

A time for meandering through our local farmer’s market – preparing farm-to-table dinners


and finding that perfect pasta bowl from one of our favorite potters. We received a pasta bowl as a wedding gift – and after 37 years of frequent use, it finally gave up on us and split down the middle. This one will make for a happy replacement – it makes me smile every time I see it.

Summer in Vermont

A time for flinging the windows wide open, enjoying the cool fresh air flowing through our home,
waking to the sound of birdsong,
gazing at the mountains while relaxing on the deck,
hiking along the river as Chessie runs ahead, doing her little happy prance while sniffing everything there is to sniff along the forest trails

Even on a rainy day like today, I am happy to be here. I listen as the rain falls in the forest, watch the tree tops swaying and the slow movement of the misty clouds which shroud the mountain top.

I’ve been busy with a little of this and a little of that

Work is still…work – although it, too, has slowed a bit during these summer months. I am back to reading fiction during my daily commutes,

reading on the train

which is not to say that I have given up on my “minimalist kick”. I have moved from reading to doing – as I tear through closets and cabinets, as well as grabbing just about anything in open sight that I deem to be neither useful nor “beautiful”. I recently finished reading The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own – another minimizing motivator.

Also on my reading list

Real Life Organizing: Clean and Clutter-Free in 15 Minutes a Day 
Destination Simple: Everyday Rituals for a Slower Life
Driving Miss Norma: One Family’s Journey Saying “Yes” to Living
And a little fictional fun:
The Last Time I Lied
The Leavers

I’ve been neglecting my blog, instagram, facebook… but hope to get back on track with that soon – ummmm yes, soon…

I hope you’re having a great summer, also – I would love to hear what you’ve been up to!


9 responses to “Vermont summertime”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Summer is such a time of coming and going. I thought our summer would be quieter than it has been. It seems every weekend is filled with fun activities either as a family or with friends. I do love that the light comes early though, I really make full use of the day.

  2. Debbie Avatar

    i have been waiting patiently for an update – it was worth the wait. everything sounds better the way you present it!! i really like those pasta bowls and i can’t help but wonder what you put into them. in my “older” days i have become a little pottery/dishes obsessed! the hydrangea are beautiful, purely pretty in white. i have a similar container i use to display mine as well!!

  3. Debbie Avatar

    and yay for comments that post!!

  4. Lynne Avatar

    Steamy hot summer here in Western Michigan . . .
    We have stayed to task of weeds – mulch – weeds – mulch – repeat . . .
    Usually finished by end of May . . . this was a daunting task with the steamy heat . . .
    BUT . . . we are finished and now it is daily tweaks with a bounty of flowers . . .
    Many Annabelle’s like yours above . . .

    Birthdays . . . Art Shows . . . Friends . . . Annual Neighborhood Walleye Fish Fry . . .. More Birthdays . . .

    Oh yes . . . Books, Beach Walks, Watercolor . . . and a new art experience emerging . . . stay tuned . . .

  5. Jeevan Avatar

    You sound truly enjoying the season of summer and its essence of cool breeze and nature’s call from forest. Love the barn, blossoms and vineyards and peaceful sail across the lake

  6. Beatrice P Boyd Avatar

    We also enjoy being in Vermont and New England in general in the summer, even though we are currently traveling the US. Thanks for the mini photo essay on the joys of summer, Karen. Thanks also for your comment on the start of out travels. I am planning to post blogs along the way rather than try to do it all when we return to NH in several weeks…so much to see!

  7. Cathy Hubmann Avatar

    Your summer season sounds just about perfect! We are suffering with heat and humidity. I’m looking forward to our cold months, which are never very cold! Your pictures are beautiful!

  8. Carola Avatar

    I love love love that pasta bowl – those colors!!! They would make me smile every time I see it. I hope it will stay with you for as many years as the old one.
    Can you send us some of your rain? It’s hot and dry here, red flag warnings because of gusty wind and the air is smoky and hazy from all the wildfires. I simply don’t like it. A summer in Vermont sounds lovely the way you describe it.

  9. Barb Avatar

    Hello Karen, I’ve been so disconnected from tech this summer. It’s good to catch up with you and enjoy your VT photos. I’m sitting on our back deck now, listening to the stream and watching birds come to bathe. The wildflower season is winding down here at high altitude – it was 35 degrees this morning. I want summer to last a bit longer!

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