• Procrastination


    “There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.” Running behind – again. It’s not that I have been putting off writing this post, or that I didn’t want to do the things I haven’t been doing – I did, and I do. Someday, maybe, I will learn how to fit…

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  • Musing


    absorbed in thought; meditative – which is not the same thing as overthinking – or so I think Random thoughts – random photos Ever since my old point-and-shoot bit the dust, I’ve missed having a pocket sized camera in my bag – and no, my iPhone doesn’t count. Worried that I didn’t have a camera for…

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  • Journal #1 – for my inner over-thinker

    Journal #1 – for my inner over-thinker

    I overthink things – it’s what I do… Except – apparently –  when I unpacked my camera after our vacation, and forgot to unpack my batteries and battery charger, leaving them behind – in Vermont… So – anyway – all those thoughts that I overthought about photos I planned to take… well, time to overthink…

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  • Vermont summertime

    Vermont summertime

    My little corner of Vermont is a popular, busy place in the fall and winter. Camera-clad leaf peepers swarm our area from late September through mid-October, hoping to capture the riot of colors. Winter brings a rowdier crew, as our world is blanketed in snow and winter sports lure crowds away from their city lives.…

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  • Finding space to slow the pace

    Finding space to slow the pace

    Well – I am back from vacation, returning to what seems to be a blissfully slow week at work – thank goodness for that! Needless to say, vacation was wonderful. Greg and I spent several days in Colorado, visiting family, adding a side trip to Wyoming – just because. Words cannot express how much I…

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  • bringing joy and my journey towards minimalism

    bringing joy and my journey towards minimalism

    Ever since I began my journey towards minimalism – note the use of the word “towards” and not “to” – I doubt that I will ever fully embrace minimalism – anyway… as I was saying, ever since I began my journey towards minimalism, we jokingly use the term “bringing joy” – a lot. – the…

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  • Reflections on a first birthday

    Reflections on a first birthday

    Have you ever found yourself sitting in the dark, and you didn’t even notice the darkness – until someone turns on the light? This describes the way I felt one year ago, when my granddaughter was born. She is like a light shining brightly in my life – a light that I didn’t even realize…

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  • Spring Ramble at Lowell Lake

    Spring Ramble at Lowell Lake

    This winter was pretty much a bust for me – and the spring seemed to be a long time coming. It’s finally here, though, and Greg and I managed to spend an afternoon at one of our favorite Vermont parks – Lowell Lake. It was one of those gray, misty kind of days – cool…

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  • Morning pages

    I’ve kept journals off and on through the years, starting when I was in grade school – remember those diaries with the cute little lock and key? And then, of course, my gingham notebook… Currently, I have two journals – and honestly, I would have a lot more if I thought that I could keep up…

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  • Morning walks – Boston Public Garden

    Morning walks – Boston Public Garden

    Whew – I am so thankful to have made it through last week. It was one of those crazy, busy put-your-head-down-and-get-it-done kind of weeks. This is the norm for this time of year – I always know it’s coming – and yet… and yet.. One morning, as my commuter train pulled into Boston, I pondered…

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  • Open shelves in the kitchen?

    I admit it – when  photos of open shelves in the kitchen started appearing on Pinterest, I was decidedly not a fan. Don’t they get dusty? don’t they get messy? Who wants to look at a stack of plates and glasses, anyway?? Okay – you may now call me a convert! A couple of weeks…

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  • Minimalism and the closet purge

    Minimalism and the closet purge

    Otherwise known as “Finding Balance – Part 3” which seems to have hijacked my life – are you tired of this topic, yet? As you have undoubtedly surmised, I’m not entirely happy at work. I need to remind myself, though, that I am not entirely unhappy, either. And while I am feeling – well –…

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